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We warmly welcome you to merazone.com, where you can express your thoughts, ideas, or even promote your own brand by guest posting on our site. Merazone.com provides a fantastic platform for new bloggers to share their thoughts and knowledge with the rest of the globe. You can contribute to our website by writing a guest article, which will also add your name to the merazone.com members list. 

Some basic Guidelines for Writing a Guest Post 

Our site only publishes articles that are educational in nature, and those that promote gambling are not permitted.

If you want to promote a product or a company, write an article in an educational format. For example, if you want to promote a pen, start with the topic "Top Ten Best Pen For Exam." Also, compose an article on your product that includes positive reviews of rival brands' pens.

Our blog is authoritative and instructive while also being approachable and enjoyable to read. Our writing style is conversational—think accessible expert.

Before you begin writing your guest post for our blog, please contact us for advice on how to write in the style of our blog.

Pricing for Guest Post

  • Free
  • $0
  • ✅Backlinks MAX=4 (Do Follow)
  • ✅ Weekly analytics updates
  • ✅Allowed Niche - Education
  • ✅Quick Support
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  • Pro
  • $10
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Our Specs:

  • Sufficient length: 1,000 words minimum
  • Short intro: ~150 words. Introduce your topic and then tell the reader what the post will cover.
  • Friendly tone: conversational, not corporate!
  • High quality: original, actionable, organized, and accurate!
  • Skimmability: headings, subheadings, short paragraphs
  • Images: screenshots, graphs, charts, concept illustrations, images from our existing posts, etc. NO STOCK IMAGES. A meme or two is okay. Images that don’t belong to us/you need to be cited via “Image source” anchor text under each image.
  • Backlinks: no more than 4 per post
  • Short bio: 1-3 sentences, can include links to your website or social accounts.

Here’s what we DON’T want!

  • Thin content that demonstrates a lack of depth of knowledge on a topic.
  • Fluff: redundant, filler words, uses many words to say little.
  • Overly promotional content.
  • Previously published or sponsored content.
  • Stock images! (Worth mentioning again.)

Ready to pitch?

Contact to Aryan Sahu at Merazoneofficial@gmail.com or via contact form

If you do not receive a response from us within 24 hours, please try contacting us again using both the email and the contact form.

We are awaiting for your lovely Message 😉