Taco John's 12 Days of Holidays Deals - December 2022

It's December, a festive month, and Taco John's has a number of deals to make your winter holiday even brighter and happier.

Taco John's is one of the popular American fast food chain known for their American style Mexican food, and this december they have come up with a number of best deals and offers to honor and celebrate the winter season, giving you maximum discounts and many freebies, and thus we have listed all the following deals from Taco John's.

Below is a list of Taco John's coupons codes that will provide you with the greatest discounts; thus, read the post until the end to not miss any exclusive deal of this winter season, and save a lot during this festive season. 


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Taco John's Coupon Codes December 2022 

Here is a list of some of the best coupons codes from Taco John's that will give you the best discounts and savings this December, so what are you waiting for? End your craving for Mexican food with the deals and offers listed below. 

Please keep in mind that the offers listed below are only available to Taco John's Bigger Bolder Rewards members.

Get $2 off - Six Pack and a Pound 

This is an exclusive offer from Taco John's that will save you $2 off Taco John's famous Six Pack and a Pound meal, which includes Taco John's famous Pounds of Potato Oles and everyone's favorite Tacos. All you need to claim the offers is to use the promo code 11320 during the checkout process of your order. Limit is upto 3 orders. 

Pay only $6 for 2 meat and Potato  burrito 

Do you just love the meat and burrito in this winter season, thus this deal is just made for you giving you two meat and potato burritos just for $6 with the promo code 19199. Limit is upto 4 orders. 

Buy two Taco Bravo for $5 

End the cold of this winter with this hot offer giving you two Taco Bravo for only $5 with the promo code 19202. Limit is upto 6 orders. 

Get your favorite Taco Salad at just $5 

If you enjoy crunchy tacos and vegetables, this deal offers Taco Salad from Taco Johns for just $5 with promo code 19201, with a maximum order limit of four orders. 

Get meat and potato breakfast burrito for $2.49 

Yes, you read that correctly, you can get your favorite meat and potato breakfast burrito stuffed with bacon and sausage for only $2.49, but only during breakfast hours, with promo code 19194 and a maximum order limit of four orders. 

Get $2 off on your favorite Super Nachos

With a maximum order limit of four orders, use promo code 16195 to save up to $2 on your favorite super nachos. 

Get a FREE small Potato Olés for 30 days

Can you believe you can get a free small potato ole with every purchase for the next 30 days? You heard correctly, you can get even more freebies and deals by joining the Bigger Bolder Rewards.

All of the Taco John's offers listed above are valid from 12/12/22 to 12/23/22, and more information about all of the above listed offers can be found here. 
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