National Lager Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

National Lager Day is annually celebrated on December 10th in US, this day celebrates the most consumed beer on the planet which is obviously lager!

National Lager Day is annually celebrated on December 10th in the United States. This day celebrates the most consumed form of beer on the planet which us our delicious lager! 

Made by thousands of brands, and coming in hundreds of styles, beer truly comes as one of two forms, ale or lager, and December 10th is the day to celebrate Lagers nationwide! 

While the 10th of December is deemed National Lager Day, in which this beer category deserves a little extra love, lagers are enjoyed year round by millions of people. This light and bright beverage is a staple for sporting events, barbecues, and gatherings all over the world, but especially in America. 

Event National Lager Day
Date December 10, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance The day celebrates the most consumed form of beer on the planet.
Observed by United States


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National Lager Day History: 

Lager traces its roots to 1400s Bavaria in Germany. The word "lager," German for "storage," refers to the cold caves in which the beer was traditionally stored while fermenting. Brewing it during the winter and maturing it in the caves during the summer prevented spoilage and allowed the beer to keep its consistency year-round. There have been studies of the history of the "Columbian Exchange," whereby Europeans brought disease, religion, slavery, alcohol, and colonialism to the new world in exchange for treasure, tobacco, cocaine, maize, and potatoes, among other things. So in this way lager would have entered into Americas. 

Moving right along here, we find that by the mid-19th century the early versions of lager in Germany were gradually evolving from primarily dark beers to paler brews, although dark lagers survive to this day. Two brewers of the era, Gabriel Sedlmayr of Spaten Brewery in Munich, Germany and his pal Anton Dreher of Austria, are widely credited with starting the shift to pale lagers in Europe. During that period there was also a major migration of Germans and other Northern Europeans to America. It should be noted here that Germanic emigrants as a whole were arguably the most successful ethnic group in America at that time. 

The history of Anchor Brewing Company is the story of German emigrants and lager beer. In 1871, a German immigrant named Gottlieb Brekle bought an old saloon in San Francisco and began brewing there. In 1896 that brewery was acquired by two other Germans, Ernst Baruth and his son-in-law Otto Schinkel, and was re-named "Anchor." Being an organized and industrious lot, Germans built major industries. They organized cold transportation for their products, modernized their production techniques, and developed the first practical mechanical refrigeration plants – all for lager.

WWII sealed the deal for lager brewery operations. Young men from all over the country were thrown together and drank whatever was available, wherever they were sent, and in virtually all locales, that meant pale American lager. There were still a few dark beers around, but with the prevailing anti-German sentiments of the day, they were not popular. The post-war rise of broadcast media and national advertising, particularly when associated with the airing of sports, expanded the reach of the largest breweries and led to the first truly national beer brands – all pale lagers. And today lager is the most consumed beer not just in the country but across the world as well. 


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National Lager Day Significance: 

Humans have been brewing fermented beverages for thousands of years. So it’s surprising that lager, a sometimes bland-tasting brew that originated in Germany, has risen above the rest to dominate global beer sales. Lagers differ from other beers in that they are brewed at colder temperatures using strains of yeast that sink to the bottom of the tank. They tend to have a crisper, cleaner taste, but tinkering with their other ingredients such as hops and malts can alter the flavour. 

Lagers range in colour from extremely pale, through amber beers such as Vienna lager, to dark brown and black Dunkel and Schwarzbier. The depth of colour comes from the specific grain bill used in the beers; paler lagers use unroasted barley and may even add other grains such as rice or corn to lighten the color and provide a crisp, bright finish to the flavour. Darker lagers use roasted grains and malts to produce a more roasted, even slightly burnt, flavour profile. The most common lagers in worldwide production are pale lagers.

Beer is a very hoppy and heavy alcoholic beverage. That's why many people consume a limited amount due to it's bloating effect. However, many more people prefer lager (which is a lighter beer) to prevent that bloated feeling so it is a nice way to taste and enjoy without worry of getting too high. Whether it is hot summer days, or cold winter evenings, most people enjoy a nice cold brew year-round. The light, crisp taste of a lager pairs well with many foods, and is a refreshing choice after a run on the slopes or on the field.

There can be fine benefits of lager as well, like a daily bottle of lager could help to keep men healthy by boosting the range of bacteria that live in their guts, scientists have said. Researchers found that men who drank one 330ml bottle of alcoholic or non-alcoholic lager a day for a month developed a more diverse set of gut microbes. They believe that this could help to reduce the risk of common chronic conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. But still be careful and drink responsibly. 


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National Lager Day Activities: 

What can serve as a better way to celebrate this day than by having a treat of nice delicious lager! So you can also invite your friends to accompany you and in this way this day will be even more special and memorable for you. And also remember that there are a large varieties of lager available in the market so try to taste those which you haven't tried yet or you don't go for normally as who knows you might discover your new favorite. 

You could also host a Lager Beer Olympics where you play a series of beer drinking games like beer pong, flip cup, and so many others, But the condition is that you can only play with Lagers. For this you can set up a Facebook event page or any other social media and have your friends form teams (of 6) for your very own Beer Olympics! 

For less college drinking games a more sophisticated option could be to have an international or craft lager party or 6-pack exchange where each guests brings a 6-pack of craft or international Lagers and you swap a beer for a beer with other guests. This gives you the chance to try a variety of different, yet incredible Lagers. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Lager Day: 

1. When is National Lager Day celebrated? 

National Lager Day is annually celebrated on December 10th in US. 

2. Why do they call it lager? 

The term "lager" comes from the German for "storage", as the beer was stored before drinking, traditionally in the same cool caves in which it was fermented. 

3. What is the most popular lager? 

Pilsner. Probably the most popular lager style, Pilsner is light in color and effervescent.

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