National Ice Cream Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

National Ice Cream Day in US is celebrated twice in a year, the one on July 16th is a major one, but this day is also special for having icecreams

You can understand that Americans lives Ice Cream so much that they celebrates it twice in a year in the form of National Ice Cream Day. The one falling on July 16th is a prominent one but the one which we are talking about on December 13th is special too! 

I mean do we really need a special day to celebrate having delicious Ice Creams and that's why the more days dedicated to Ice Creams is more better. Hence get ready to taste some delicious Ice Creams for the occasion.  

Your favorite ice cream shop may even be closed for the season! But it's still a perfectly good reason to get a pint or three (who's counting) of the good stuff to share with your friends and family.  

Event National Ice Cream Day
Date December 13, 2022
Day Tuesday
Significance The day honors and celebrates everyone's favorite ice cream
Observed by United States


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National Ice Cream Day History: 

Ice cream's origins are known to reach back as far as the second century B.C., although no specific date of origin nor inventor has been undisputably credited with the discovery of this delicious confection. But we know that Alexander the Great enjoyed snow and ice flavored with honey and nectar. Biblical references also which says  that King Solomon was fond of iced drinks during harvesting. During the Roman Empire, Nero Claudius Caesar (A.D. 54-86) frequently sent runners into the mountains for snow, which was then flavored with fruits and juices. So frozen desserts had existed from a very long time in our world.  

Over a thousand years later, Marco Polo returned to Italy from the Far East with a recipe that closely resembled what is now called sherbet. Historians estimate that this recipe evolved into ice cream sometime in the 16th century. England seems to have discovered ice cream at the same time, or perhaps even earlier than the Italians. "Cream Ice," as it was called, appeared regularly at the table of Charles I during the 17th century. France was introduced to similar frozen desserts in 1553 by the Italian Catherine de Medici when she became the wife of Henry II of France. It wasn't until 1660 that ice cream was made available to the general public.  

The first official account of ice cream in the New World comes from a letter written in 1744 by a guest of Maryland Governor William Bladen. The first advertisement for ice cream in this country appeared in the New York Gazette on May 12, 1777, when confectioner Philip Lenzi announced that ice cream was available "almost every day." In 1813, Dolley Madison served a magnificent strawberry ice cream creation at President Madison's second inaugural banquet at the White House. Until 1800, ice cream remained a rare and exotic dessert enjoyed mostly by the elite of the country. Later mass manufacturing of ice creams started to take place. 

Like other American industries, ice cream production increased because of technological innovations over the years. Wide availability of ice cream in the late 19th century led to new creations. In 1874, the American soda fountain shop and the profession of the "soda jerk" emerged with the invention of the ice cream soda. Ice cream became an edible morale symbol during World War II. Each branch of the military tried to outdo the others in serving ice cream to its troops. In the 1940s through the ‘70s, ice cream production was relatively constant in the United States and today it is one of the most popular and consumed food item in the country. 


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National Ice Cream Day Significance: 

What can we really say about this delicious confection which has already taken the world by a storm through its immense popularity. Today, it is almost impossible to think of a world without ice creams that's how important they have become for our lives. It is one of the those dishes which we starts loving from our childhood and then continues that same love and affection till the end of our life. Hence ice cream also becomes very nostalgic for many of us as it contains some of the most amazing moments of our life worth some of the most loved people of our lives. On top of all these how can we forget the delicious treat which these ice-creams offers us.  

Almost as soon as ice cream was sold in America, people started adding new flavors and experimenting with the creation process. Now, more than 200 years later, it’s hard to imagine a flavor of ice cream that’s yet to be invented. Bacon, garlic, wasabi, and fish egg ice cream flavors are all out there at the moment, just to name a few. Hence Ice cream is actually a very versatile good item which makes it even more special as now there are just endless varieties of ice crabs to choose from thus there is something for everyone to match their interest of taste. Probably that is one of the main reason why Ice Cream is so popular today. 

Outside of all the tasty experience which ice cream provides, we should also consume for all the health benefits too as actually it can be very healthy as well. Ice cream is primarily made from milk, and milk is full of vitamins and nutrients. 13 to be exact, including vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, protein, and more! Your chosen ice cream flavor can add even more nutrients. Popular choices like all natural vanilla (not synthetic) and berries have antioxidants and dark chocolate has flavonoids which are good for your heart. There are nutrients in ice cream that can boost your immune system. They are also very useful during pregnancy cravings for women. 

Not just health benefits but ice cream can provide you required mental relief as well. It seem a bit too obvious, but ice cream makes us happy. If you need proof, just ask some of the neuroscientists over at the University of Sussex in England. In one study, the scientists found that vanilla ice cream activates a part of the brain called the orbitofrontal cortex. In simpler terms, when we eat ice cream, the pleasure center of our brain lights up. This is great news. Thanks science. So consuming ice creams is actually very good for your mental health as well as it helps in keeping our mood happy and stress free. 


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National Ice Cream Day Celebrations: 

Well, first of all, get yourself out there and enjoy a heaping scoop of ice cream! Then maybe an ice cream sandwich, and then a delicious milkshake! So yeah try to make full use of the opportunity and enjoy having a delicious treat of lovely ice cream. Don't forget to share about this on your social media as well so that others can be aware about it as well and they can enjoy celebrating it too. 

There are hundreds of flavors of ice cream beyond just chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. So instead of trying your regular favorite one as always use this opportunity to try out different flavors. If you're feeling zesty, find a parlor that offers lemon meringue, or even horseradish ice cream. Or, if seafood is more your thing, find one of the joints on the east coast that serve up lobster ice cream. If you don't like it, at least you can say you tried. 

Serving ice cream is a tried and true way to bring a community together. This may be at the ice cream parlor in a local assisted living center, or perhaps at a free ice cream giveaway at the park, funded by donations. However you do it, the community will be brought closer together by this longtime summer food favorite. So try to volunteer your time for these delicious ice creams and helps in spreading love and affection through the medium of ice creams.  

National Ice Cream Day FAQs: 

1. When is National Ice Cream Day celebrated? 

National Ice Cream Day is celebrated twice in US on July 16th and December 13th. 

2. What is ice cream made of? 

While ingredients can vary from recipe to recipe or brand to brand, ice cream (whether homemade or commercial) includes at least three ingredients: milk (and/or cream), sweeteners and flavorings/mix-ins. Commercially made ice creams also include stabilizers and emulsifiers. 

3. What is the most popular ice cream? 

This is a no-brainer. Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor in the world so it only makes sense to start this list with vanilla ice cream.

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