National Cookie Day 2022: Best Deals For Free Cookies

The day has arrived to celebrate and honor the delicious cookies, so with all of your love for cookies, we have brought you some of the best deals.

Since it is National Cookie Day on December 5th, it is time to indulge in those sweet crunchy chewy canvas once more. Cookie, like chocolate, is loved by people of all ages. Whether young or old, the delicious taste of cookies always puts a smile on everyone's face, thus to honor the incredible role that cookies play in our lives by making us happier, we annually mark and celebrate National Cookie Day.

Can you imagine the delicious contrast of cookies made with the best chocolate, nuts, fruits, and grains? If not, it's time to try these cookies again, and to that end, we've compiled a list of the best National Cookie Day deals and offers that will help you score free cookies and other discounts, so make sure to read the entire post to avoid missing out on any exclusive deal of the day.

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Cookies By Design - Get Free Dozen Cookies 

Cookies By Design is a popular cookie selling brand in America that has been serving delicious and crunchy cookies for the last 40 years, and to commemorate National Cookie Day, they have come up with another exciting offer.

This National Cookie Day, you can get a free Dozen Gourmet Cookie with Any Order $49+ by entering the promo code FREEDOZEN during the checkout process of your order.

Cookies By Design ships orders nationwide, so you don't have to worry about delivery; for more information, click the link provided below.

Insomnia Cookies - Free Cookies for all 

This National Cookie Day, the beloved cult brand known for serving some of the best and most delicious cookies is back with their best deals and offers, where almost everyone can easily score a free cookie.

Insomnia Cookies has many deals and offers, so we will go over them one by one.

The first deal from Insomnia Cookies gives every cookie lover a free cookie with every in-store or online purchase, plus free delivery on all nationwide orders with the promo code SHIPCOOKIES.

The second deal from Insomnia Cookies provides all CookieMagic Members with a free six pack of cookies; no minimum purchase is required; simply log into your account and claim a free cookie from Insomnia Cookies.

Deal time period: December 2-4

You can also participate and win prizes ranging from a "Bite Me" LED sign to a bean bag chair covered in cookies by sharing your video to the Insomnia Cookies Instagram page handle. Click here for more information on how to participate in this social media context.

Click the link below to learn more about all of the above-mentioned deals of the day. 


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Mrs Fields - Enjoy Upto 25% Off 

Mrs Fields is another popular cookie selling brand in the United States, and this year, to commemorate and mark National Cookie Day, they are offering up to 25% off a select range of products.

To take advantage of this exclusive offer, simply enter the promo code TINS during the checkout process of your order.

Subway - National Cookie Day Deals 2022

To commemorate National Cookie Day, the popular restaurant chain has already unveiled the world's first footlong cookie, which will only be available on National Cookie Day this year, plus you can get a free cookie with every fast food purchase by using the promo code FREECOOKIE

Subway's deals and specials do not stop there, as they have also introduced six and twelve-pack Cookie Bundles, as well as a $2 off a footlong sub when adding a cookie to orders placed on the Subway app or

Subway has also released a special menu for National Cookie Day. To learn more about the offer, visit the link provided below.

Potbelly - Free Cookies Deal 

Potbelly, the popular restaurant chain known for their delicious sandwiches, is also commemorating National Cookie Day.

As a result, on National Cookie Day, all Potbelly Perks members will receive a free cookie with every purchase of an entrée.

Potbelly is also offering free cookies with every Box O' Sandwiches with code: COOKIEBOX, or one cookie with every Basic Belly Boxed Lunch (min 10) with code: FREECOOKIES.


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Lenny & Larry's - Get Upto 20% off 

Lenny & Larry's is best known for their delicious vegan and plant-based cookies, and to commemorate and honor National Cookie Day, they are offering up to 20% off site wide with the promo code NATLCOOKIEDAY, which you should enter during the checkout process of your order.

KFC - Get Six Free Cookies

On National Cookie Day, you can get free cookies from the well-known multinational restaurant chain known for its delectable fried chicken.

This National Cookie Day, KFC is offering up to 6 free cookies with the purchase of a 12 pc or 16 pc meal, but only order it if you are truly hungry or a true foodie; for more information, click the link below.

Instacart - Order Free Cookies 

This deal allows you to order not only free cookies but also anything from your grocery basket.

This offer will give you up to $10 off your first order of any amount and free delivery. To take advantage of this fantastic deal, simply place your first cookie order by clicking the link below and entering the promo code SOFA518AF9 during the checkout process.

Real Cookies - Get Upto 25% Off  

From December 2-4, Real Cookies will be offering up to 25% off cookies with the code CookieDay2022.

You can also get 20% off your first order and free shipping all over the country with orders over $50. To learn more about the cookie brand, click on the link provided below.

National Cookie Day 2022 Deals on 

If you're looking for gluten-free cookies with low carbs, this Amazon deal will help you find the best cookies at a reasonable price.

You can purchase three packs of Highkey sugar free cookies, each weighing 2.25 ounces and costing $10.48. You can also save 10% when purchasing four or more Highkey products; for more information, click on the link below.

National Cookie Day 2022: More Food Deals and Offers

Here are some of the best December 4th deals and offers that will help you save a lot this National Cookie Day, so if you have a strong desire for food, read the post until the end.

1. A free chicken sandwich with the purchase of any chicken sandwich combo at Popeyes; for more information on the offers, click here.

2. This National Cookie Day, get four free french toast sticks at Wendy's. For more information, click here.

3. Panda Express offers a free bowl with the purchase of an original orange chicken bowl; for more information, click here.

4. It's kids eat free Sunday at Dickey's, so don't forget to treat your kids to some free bites this National Cookie Day, with any adult meal purchase. 

5. It's Sunday, so get your favorite cuisine delivered to your door for free; yes, Mcalister's Deli offers free delivery on everything.

6. If you want a free Sundae with your meal, go to Friendly's Restaurant and order any happy ending meal.

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