National Cat Herders Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

National Cat Herders is celebrated on December 15th is US, this day is not related to cats instead it celebrates famous idiom of 'herding cats'

National Cat Herders Day is annually celebrated on December 15th in the United States. This day is not related to cats in any way. Instead it is about celebrating the famous idiom 'herding cats'. 

The idiom of "herding cats" refers to an extremely difficult or impossible task of leading other people. 

This celebration is meant for those who can manage others and themselves no matter what chaos is thrown their way. The idiom, "like herding cats," was popularized during a Super Bowl commercial in 2000 by EDS. They compared their ability to serve others like cowboys herding cats with ease.  

Event National Cat Herders Day
Date December 15, 2022
Day Thursday
Significance The day celebrates the famous idiom 'herding cats'
Observed by United States


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National Cat Herders Day History: 

There are various stories of origins for this popular idiom. Some believe the "herding cats" originated from a scene in a TV series called Monty Python. During the TV episode, a group of shepherds is chatting about their flocks. They eventually start talking about "herds of cats" instead, and what they would be like. This is the earliest reference which can be found for this popular idiom in pop culture for the first time. 

Many people attribute the idiom to a well-known quote by Dave Platt. As IT professional Platt once famously said that "Managing senior programmers is like herding cats," since programmers are so independent. That quote might have inspired other people to use the idiom more frequently. However as mentioned earlier it is believed that phrase has been around from a long time but only its popular usage might be actually recent. 

Another possibility is the popularity the phrase gained during the Super Bowl in the year 2000. Electronic Data Systems released an ad on that occasion boasting of their ability to serve customers, as easily as cowboys herding cats. Since then the phrase has taken on a life of its own but in general is applied to those able to go above and beyond the call of duty, able to handle the impossible without thought of reward – in short, life's thankless tasks.

And now today, December 15 is celebrated as National Cat Herders Day. It was invented by Thomas and Ruth Roy of, this holiday, according to their website states  that "If you can say that your job, or even your life, is like trying to herd cats, then this day is for you, with our sympathy."  


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National Cat Herders Day Significance: 

You've probably "herd" of herding sheep and cattle, but what about herding cats? This popular idiom doesn't make a whole lot of sense at first when you listen it, especially if you have a cat of your own at home. But it has a deep meaning to it if you know what's behind it. 

As cats are very independent animals which means they do what they want, when they want. They definitely can't be herded into a unified group/flock. So, when someone is managing an uncooperative and independent group of people, they compare the experience to "herding cats."

For example, maybe your co-workers are refusing to work together on a group project, or your students aren't willing to stay seated. While you're venting to a friend or loved one about the tough situation, you can use the idiom "herding cats" to show how difficult things are like "dealing with other attorneys is like herding cats" or "managing a nursing home is about as easy as herding cats."  

You can also use "herding cats" as an anology. People use the word "like" or "as" to compare a difficult group task to the prospect of "herding cats." For example: "Rounding up the toddlers at daycare is like herding cats" or "being a field trip chaperone is exhausting. It's like herding cats!" 

National Cat Herders Day Activities: 

The first thing to do is to let people know about it. Pick your favorite cat video or internet meme featuring a cat and post it on social media with a cat herding hashtag. Use your post to demonstrate your intentions of highlighting the great work of the overworked and under-appreciated people of the world. 

Then personally thank everyone who makes your life easier by attacking the impossible. Whether it's your boss, the waiter, or your parents – someone has to do the job, and thank goodness it's not you. Thanking those in your life who handle unwanted stress is the best way to celebrate this day. 

Host a pizza party or an award ceremony. Regardless of the event, celebrate your teams efforts when goals are reached. Remark on all the crazy met while completing a project. Whether celebrating at work or home, appreciate everything accomplished in life. As even small victories make you a champion in life, do remember it! 

National Cat Herders Day FAQs: 

1. When is National Cat Herders Day celebrated? 

National Cat Herders Day is annually celebrated on December 15th in US. 

2. What is the saying about herding cats? 

This idiom can be used to highlight that organizing larger groups of people cannot be done, or at least not without requiring a great deal of effort – and patience. 

3. Where did herding cat comes from? 

This idiom can be used to highlight that organizing larger groups of people cannot be done, or at least not without requiring a great deal of effort – and patience. The origin of this expression seems to be recent, and has been attributed to a line of dialogue in Monty Python's The Life of Brian (1979).

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