National App Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

National App Day is celebrated on December 11th in US, it urges smartphone users to admire their apps which they use in their daily lives

National App Day is annually celebrated on December 11th in the United States. This day provides smartphone users the opportunity to appreciate the many mobile applications, apps for short, we use in our daily lives for all the work that went into creating them. 

Whether you want to take a selfie for your social media, tweet your thoughts, keep your favorite music at your fingertips or searching for anything, apps are everywhere and we have become heavily dependent on them so celebrate the marvelous world of apps on this day. 

Not only do apps make life easier, but they have also created a huge number of employment opportunities for developers, users, and of course, influencers. So recognizing the importance of apps we celebrate this day. 

Event National App Day
Date December 11, 2022
Day Sunday
Significance The day provides smartphone users the opportunity to appreciate the mobile applications
Observed by United States


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National App Day History: 

Apps have come a long way from when they lived on what is considered to be the first Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). In the 1980s, Psion developed the Psion Organiser I model, which was branded as the "World's First Practical Pocket Computer" and came complete with a calculator, clock, and other familiar apps. Around a decade later, came the world's first smartphone from IBM in 1993, which was equipped with many of the same utilitarian apps like the Psion. In 1997, the Nokia 6110 included a built-in version of the basic arcade game "Snake," which many consider the first mobile app. The first iPod would also come with built-in games: Solitaire and Brick.  

Back in 1983, however, it was actually a young Steve Jobs who first envisioned the App Store…or at least a very basic version of it. Jobs imagined a place where software could be bought over phone lines. Shortly after Apple's introduction of the iPod, the iTunes store launched, acting as a precursor to the Apple App Store. The iPhone was released in June 2007 to critical and commercial success. Native apps were developed, Then, in 2010, apps were put in the forefront when Apple announced their infamous app store which launched a year later. Later we all know that Android also launched its Playstore. 

The original App Store launched with 500 apps, meaning there is no "true" first app(applications). Nevertheless, as new varieties of smartphones were unveiled, different app clients were introduced. Google Play, the Amazon App Store, and Blackberry's App World also give more people the ability to enjoy various apps on their phones. It's also worth mentioning that each store had both paid and free apps from the beginning, meaning premium and "freemium" content was always a factor. Since then there is no stopping and the app market has grown rapidly and it is continuing to grow even more rapidly now. 

With app downloads reaching more than 175 billion in the year 2017, C.J. Thompson, founder of the mobile marketing agency Platinum Edge Media, created National App Day. The day is celebrated on December 11 and promotes the collective culture of apps and innovation. Since then this day is being celebrated annually making people aware about the importance of apps in our lives and encouraging them to admire those apps which are most important for them or which have greatly helped in changing their lives for the good.  


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National App Day Significance: 

So, how many of you do not have even a single app in your smart phone? None. I hope. This single line would say the importance of mobile phones and apps in our lives. Hence this day is dedicated to all the magnificent apps that make our lives simple. An App is a computer program that runs on mobile, computer, etc. It is anything which makes most of our works easy and convenient. For example, if we want to know about anything we can simply learn it through apps, if we want to purchase, pay or order anything we can simply do it by just one click through apps. Other than these also apps offers a wide variety of services which makes our lives easy.   

Mobile applications are the best part that has come into use and continuous advancements since the advent of smartphones. Apps are like interesting and creative decorations that define mobile phones' best purposes. These are making the use of technology feasible and intelligible. Developers strive to bring out the most convenient functionalities in the mobile apps that humans can access to tone down their tasks and make them amusing. The best thing about apps is that they are continuously getting better and better because of the advancement of technology and thus they are gonna play a even bigger role in our future. 

The application industry has got so big you can understand it by the fact that the revenue from the mobile application globally was 318 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. Gaming apps are the most installed applications though there are varied segments of applications that are downloaded and used in daily life. Shifting from a business perspective, mobile apps have been making a lot of profits because they offer convenience to the consumers, easy management, and stores data – the whole lot. One more benefit that apps provide in the business sector is that it is not dependent on the types of services. There are diverse segments an app is serving businesses. 

We also need to understand one thing that Apps wouldn't exist without the software developers behind each one of them. While National App Day mostly focuses on apps, the developer teams get to be in the limelight too! That's why this day is also used as an opportunity to appreciate all of the hardworking and skilled app developers for their contribution in taking the app industry forward and thus making our lives even more easier and convenient through the use of these apps. Hence along with celebrating apps, this day also serves an opportunity for admiring and honoring these app developers who are often not credited enough. 


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National App Day Activities: 

Explore more about the history of the day and share the unknown facts using the hashtag #AppDay on the social media. As the founder of National App Day himself thought of this one, and urge users to post about their favorite apps using the hashtag #NationalAppDay. So that more and more people can be aware of these apps so that it can help them as well in making their life and work easy. 

You can also use this opportunity to download more apps especially the ones which are trending nowadays. I mean what can be a more better way to celebrate the day than by expanding your app library? Download a new app/s from the Play Store, App Store, or Microsoft Store. Or you can simply update all of your already installed apps so that they can run smoothly. 

Ever since we started using mobile and mobile apps we have downloaded many apps and many of which were actually helpful for us but many apps were also of no use for us. Some apps were just worst and we never liked them. So it is time for you to rate all of these apps or atleast some of the apps which you have used on your Appstore, Playstore, etc. By this you will also help others in choosing the best apps for them.  

Most Searched FAQs on National App Day: 

1. When is National App Day celebrated? 

National App Day is annually celebrated on December 11th in US. 

2. What is the most popular app right now? 

Tiktok was the app with the most downloads in 2021, it has been downloaded over 2 billion times worldwide overall. 

3. In total, how many apps are there? 

Today, there are over seven million apps available across iOS and Android platforms, extending to every app and game genre and niche. These apps have come to play a huge role in the way we live our lives today. 

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