Monkey Day 2022: Theme, History, Significance and Celebrations

Monkey Day is a time to celebrate and honor the contributions of monkeys throughout history, as well as to enjoy their mischievous behavior.

Monkey Day is celebrated on December 14th each year. The day honors and celebrates this magnificent creature of our planet, known for their inquisitiveness, intelligence, and occasionally mischievous behavior. As we all know, humans and monkeys are both primates. But humans are not descended from monkeys or any other living primate, but we do share a common ape ancestor with chimps, and there are even more facts awaiting your explorations, so let us learn more about the monkey and its history on this Monkey Day.

Event Monkey Day
Date December 14, 2022
Day Wednesday
Significance The day honors and celebrates Monkeys
Observed by World wide


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Monkey Day 2022: History 

It is difficult to say where this Monkey originated or emerged, just as every other species on Earth. Monkeys originated more than 60 million years ago and are divided into two groups: Old World and New World. They both belong to the same family, Cercopithecidae, which is related to apes and humans, and they are all classified as catarrhines.

Most people believe that chimps and humans evolved from the same ancestor, which is completely incorrect because humans and chimps evolved differently from that same ancestor.

Casey Sorrow and Eric Millikin, two art students, invented the day honoring and celebrating monkeys in 2000. Their goal was to create a fun event rather than a national holiday, and they jokedly wrote "Monkey Day" on a friend's calendar. They marked the occasion by donning monkey costumes, face masks, and acting like monkeys with other MSU art students. The holiday quickly gained popularity and began to be observed by a large number of people.


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Monkey Day 2022: Significance 

Throughout history, we can see the vast contribution of monkeys, from different cultures to traditions, where monkeys are portrayed differently, in some traditions they are considered the most nefarious, and in some traditions they are supreme and hold the position of god, as monkey is the symbol of the fourth Tirthankara in Jainism, and in Hinduism there is a human-like monkey god known as Lord Hanuman.

Even in Chinese culture, the Monkey is the ninth in the twelve-year cycle of animals that appear in the Chinese zodiac, but it is more strange that people in South Asia, Africa, and China consider the Monkey brain to be a great delicacy.

Humans have always been fascinated by these large brain monkeys, and they have aided the human race throughout history, from conducting numerous experiments to space exploration, making Albert II the first monkey in space.

However, as a result of climate change and habitat loss, 60% of primate species are now threatened with extinction, with 75% having declining populations. Thus, the occurrence of the Monkey Day provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to celebrate it with enjoyable activities while also raising awareness and taking important steps to save the monkeys and wildlife.


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Monkey Day 2022: Celebrations

Monkey Day is now celebrated worldwide, with art exhibitions, zoo and animal sanctuary events, and fundraising.

For example, Lahore Zoo in Pakistan holds an annual World Monkey Day celebration, allowing the local population to participate and learn more about the monkeys, and the celebration also includes an art exhibition.

You can also witness the staging of an art show and silent auction to benefit Chimps Inc.

Furthermore, the festival is celebrated with a fun vibe, with people wearing the Monkey costume and participating in costume parties to help draw attention to issues concerning simians, such as medical research, animal rights, and evolution.

Monkey Day 2022: FAQ 

1. When is Monkey Day observed each year?

Monkey Day is observed annually on December 13th with the goal of celebrating and honoring this intelligent animal and enjoying its mischievous behavior.

2. What is the theme of the 2022 Monkey Day?

There are no specific themes for Monkey Day; however, the main goal of the celebration is to bring attention to issues concerning simians, such as medical research, animal rights, and evolution.

3. What was the name of the first space monkey?

Albert II, the first monkey in space, flew in the US-launched V-2 rocket on June 14, 1949.
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