Mcdonald's Best Holiday Deals and Coupon Codes - December 2022

It's the holiday season, and here are some of the best deals and offers from your favorite fast-food restaurant, McDonald's.

Mcdonald's is one of the world's largest and most popular fast food restaurant chains, and this year to mark and celebrate the winter holiday, they have come up with some of the best deals and offers, which will help you save a lot during this winter season, so take advantage of a number of Mcdonald's deals and offers listed below. 


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Win Free McDonald’s for Life - with McGold Card 

To save you from the dreadful weather, McDonald's has come up with its free McGold Card offer, which will give you McDonald's for life, yes you heard that right, and there are many other deals and offers throughout the month of December, but first, let's learn more about the McGold Card Offer, which is starting from December 5th. 

With this golden card, any foodie can buy two meals per week for the next 50 years, and every purchase from McDonald's moves you closer to winning this card. When you win, you will receive three golden cards as a grand prize, which you can give to your friends and family to receive free meals for life.

The McDonald's for Life Appstakes begins on December 5, 22 and ends on December 25, 22.

Mcdonald's Merch Drop - December 7 and December 14 

This deal is only for true McDonald's fans, who can get steep discounts on Mcdonald's Merch with any minimum $1 purchase. Please keep in mind that the merch drop will only be available on December 7 and December 14 this year. 


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Mcdonald's Season (SZN) of Sharing Deals 

Here are some of the best deals and offers from McDonald's that will provide you freebies and offers throughout the month of December, so let's take a look at the Mcdonald's daily deals and offers.

The Season of Sharing Deals will provide you with free food and many existing offers for the next three weeks, with the first week beginning on December 5th. 

Note: To redeem all of the offers listed below, you must use the McDonald's mobile application.

Mcdonald's Week One Deals - From December 5-11 

1. The first offer of the first week deals from McDonald's is a BOGO deal on Big Mac, which will be available for three days until Wednesday, December 7th.

2. From December 8-9, you can get a Double Cheeseburger for $0.50.

3. The third is the best deal of the first week of the Season of Sharing offer, which allows you to choose a McDouble or a McChicken and then get a 4pc McNuggets, medium drink, and small Fries for just $4. The offer is valid from December 10 to 11.

Mcdonald's Week Two Deals - From December 12-18 

1. The first offer of the week two deals gives you the BOGO deal on Crispy Chicken Sandwich, the deal is valid from December 12-14. 

2. The second deal gives you Free 6 piece Chicken McNuggets with $1 minimum purchase, between December 15-16. 

3. From December 17-18 you can buy the Burger Bundle which includes Double Cheeseburger, Big Mac, a Cheeseburger and 2 medium Fries all for $12.50. 

Mcdonald's Week Three Deals - From December 19-25 

1. The first offer of McDonald's third week deals also includes a BOGO Big Mac deal, which is valid from December 19-21.

2. From December 22-23, the second deal of the third week is a $0.50 Double Cheeseburger.

3. The third week's deal is a Pick ur 4 for $4 deal, which allows you to choose a McDouble or a McChicken and then get a 4pc McNuggets, medium drink, and small fries for $4.


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Mcdonald's Coupon Codes and Freebies - December 2022 

Mcdonald's has already given a lot of deals to celebrate the winter holidays, so there will be no coupons code at the moment, but you can bookmark this page to keep up with the latest Mcdonald's deals and offers. 

The following are some additional McDonald's deals and offers for the month of December 2022. 

Get Free Big Mac Today 

Yes, by downloading the McDonald's app and joining MyMcDonald's Rewards, you can get a free Big Mac from McDonald's.

After your first successful online order from McDonald's, you will receive 1500 bonus points that can be redeemed for free McDonald's. 

Get $1 Large Fries Every Week 

Every week from Mcdonald's you can claim a $1 Large Fries, this is the exclusive offer is valid till 12/31/22. 

Just Pay $0.99 for Any Size Coffee 

Every day, you can get any size Premium Roast or Iced Coffee from McDonald's at any time, only in the app, for $0.99. The offer is only available through the McD app and is valid until 12/31/22.

Get Free Fries Every Friday 

Fridays are dull without fries, and with this deal, you can get a free order of fries every Friday with any $1 minimum Mobile Order & Pay purchase, only in the app

Get Free Fries with Contactless Mobile Ordering

Every Friday, get a free medium fry with any minimum $1 purchase when you use Mobile Order & Pay. 

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