International Tea Day 2022: HD Images, Wishes, Messages and Quotes

It's International Tea Day, and we've compiled a collection of HD images, wishes, messages, and quotes to help you celebrate and spread the word.

The official International Tea Day is observed on May 21st, but many leading tea producing countries also celebrate it on December 15th, with the main goal of honoring tea producers and recognizing the importance of tea in strengthening the economy, so use the occurrence of International Tea Day to show that you are a true Tea Lover and mark the occasion with all the refreshment.

To that end, we've compiled a collection of HD images, wishes, messages, and quotes that you can use to raise awareness about the day or simply show your participation in it. 

Event International Tea Day
Date December 15, 2022
Day Thursday
Significance The day honors and celebrates the Tea
Observed by World wide


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International Tea Day 2022: HD Images 

1. The only way to get the ultimate refreshment is a hot cup of tea, and every morning is incomplete without one, wishing every tea lover a happy International Tea Day.

2. What could be better than a hot cup of tea with loved ones in this winter season - Happy International Tea Day.

3. Let us celebrate and honor International Tea Day with zeal and enthusiasm, from the health benefits to the refreshing taste.

4. Happy International Tea Day, the road to heaven is paved with teapots.

5. Thank you, Tea, for always keeping me active and refreshed; without it, it's impossible to think about a single day. 

International Tea Day 2022: Quotes 

1. "My dear, if you could please give me a cup of tea to clear my muddled mind, I should be able to better understand your affairs." - Dickens Charles

2. "Tea is an elixir of life that cannot be avoided."

3. "A cup of tea is an opportunity to share great ideas with great minds." - Cristina Re

4. "When you are going through a difficult time in your life, remember to drink tea to help you heal."

5. "From biscuits to pastry every side dish makes a perfect combination with the cup of tea and which what i like most about the tea - happy International Tea Day." 

6. "You’ll never find a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me." – Winston Churchill 

7. "A cup of tea makes everything better." – Author unknown


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International Tea Day 2022: Wishes and Messages 

1. Because the contribution of tea is so significant, from strengthening the economy to creating local jobs, let us celebrate International Tea Day with zeal and enthusiasm.

2. Warm greetings to all tea enthusiasts on the annual occurrence of International Tea Day.

3. To imagine a day without tea is to imagine a day without food, so happy International Day of Tea.

4. There is something about tea that draws us into a world of quiet reflection on life.

5. You can never get a large enough cup of tea or a book long enough for me.
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