International Animal Rights Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

International Animal Rights Day is annually celebrated on December 10, this day raises awareness about the importance of animal rights in our world

International Animal Rights Day is annually celebrated on 10th December. This day raises awareness about the importance of practicing animal rights for the welfare of all the animals across the world.  

Animals are an equally important part of nature as they play a vital role in environmental protection and human wellness. All the animals in the ecosystem co-exist to balance nature's ecology. Hence they must all be protected for right functioning of our world also.

The holiday is shared with Human Rights Day, as it should be, because animals have the right to be treated with respect, and acts of cruelty against them need to end just as much as for humans. 

Event International Animal Rights Day
Date December 10, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance The day raises awareness about the importance of practicing animal rights
Observed by World wide


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International Animal Rights Day History: 

For hundreds of years, man has been killing and mistreating animals for personal gain. Whether it is in the exploitation of meat, or animal fur for the sake of fashion and art, the justification that it is done out of necessity has really been pushed. And because of this attitude there were no concerns regarding animal rights for a long time in history as animals were thought to exist purely for human consumption only and like any creature who belongs to earth as well. That's why talking and thinking about animal rights is a recent phenomenon among the human society and that's why many people are still ignorant or confused about this topic. 

Although the United Nations made a declaration and proclamation about human rights in 1948, following World War II, respecting the rights of animals on the planet has continued to be a problem. After this, organizations, associations, and individuals from around the world started demanding that this declaration should be extended to the animal kingdom and that December 10 should also be a day for advocating the rights of animals across the globe. Decades later, the idea for observing a day to celebrate and raise awareness for the rights of animals turned into International Animal Rights Day. 

22 years after the UN passed their historic declaration, the word "speciesism" was coined in 1970, to discuss and encourage dialogue on the discrimination against sentient beings based on their species. The whole idea that animals are inferior and live for the sole purpose of catering to the needs and wants of humans is an irrational prejudice against them. Just as certain segments of the human race are suffering due to sexism and racism, animals suffer just as much, if not more, because they can't defend themselves. Then to draw the attention of the public and to solve the problem, the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare was established in 1978, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with its aim to stop the exploitation and murder of all living beings.

However, International Animal Rights Day was officially established in 1998 at the 50th anniversary of signing The Universal Declaration of Human Rights to highlight that all living beings of the Earth have a right to respect, life and protection from exploitation and suffering. The founders behind this day stated that, since animals cannot protest, vote, or advocate for their own protection, it is the responsibility of humans to do it for them. December 10 was intentionally chosen so that International Animal Rights Day falls on the same day as Human Rights Day. Thus sending a message that animal rights are also important.  


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International Animal Rights Day Significance: 

Animal rights and welfare is important because there are so many animals around the world suffering from being used for entertainment, food, medicine, fashion, scientific advancement, and as exotic pets. Animal welfare refers to the quality of life experienced by an animal and encompasses how well the animal is coping with his or her current situation and surroundings. Animal welfare is affected by the relationships human beings have with animals and thus it is our duty to ensure all animals are treated humanely, responsibly, and with respect. It says animals should have rights regarding the aspects which includes nutrition, environment, health, behaviour and mental state. 

According to the statistics of the International Food and Agricultural Organization, 70 billion animals are killed every year just for meat and leather production only, which means two thousand animals are being slaughtered every second! And this is only by the official data on land "farm" animals, which in reality means things are much worse! As animals are speechless and hence they can't express their feelings verbally but that doesn't give right to human to treat them badly and do whatever they want with them. Animals are also part of of our ecosystem and this planet also belong to them so they deserves some rights too. 

Thus we should think atleast something for them before fully exploiting them for our resources as without them our ecosystem will also face many problems. The Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare claims a right to life with no intentionally caused pain, suffering, exploitation and death, as well as a human responsibility to take care of recovering the population of different species of the planet. It also mentions that animals have the same rights and freedoms as humans, and all the actions leading to unjustified death are subject to crime against life. The Declaration was signed by environmental organizations worldwide. 

International Animal Rights Day is a serious holiday that gives us a lot to reflect on, but it also gives us the chance to love our furry friends more and go the extra mile in taking care of them. Advocating for animal rights is nothing short of a revolution. Ending animal cruelty means completely revamping our lifestyles so that we're not so reliant on the exploitation of animals for progression in science, medicine, fashion, and the food industry. This day also serves to remind us that humanity and kindness should be for all sentient creatures, and not just humans. Thus it is a day calling for co-existence between humans and animals. 


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International Animal Rights Day Celebrations: 

Today, International Animal Rights Day unites all those partial, all those fighting against animal cruelty. In many countries around the world there are different actions and events: pickets and rallies, media publications and programs, concerts, exhibitions, competitions and much more. All of these are done to make people realize about the importance of animal rights. 

Whether a parent, teacher, grandparent or friend, those who have an influence on children can take this time to teach them how to value and respect the animals in the world. Perhaps use International Animal Rights Day as a motivator to talk about conservation, learn about animals that are on endangered or at-risk species lists, and practice ways from now in your life to be more kind to the animals and the environment.  

You can also use this opportunity to volunteer for any animal rights group whether it's a local charity that is advocating for spaying and neutering feral cats, or an international organization that is working to prevent oil spills in the oceans, or getting involved with PETA, International Animal Rights Day is a perfect catalyst for working to help the animals. Make a donation, boycott a company that performs testing on animals, or hold an animal rights awareness event in honor of the day. 

Most Searched FAQs on International Animal Rights Day: 

1. When is International Animal Rights Day celebrated? 

International Animal Rights Day is annually celebrated on 10th December. 

2. What is the difference between human rights and animal rights? 

Human rights and animal rights aren't that different. In fact, the line should be blurred. Just as all human lives are precious, animal lives are important, too, and, essentially, any act that can be classified as cruelty against humans, is most definitely also an act of cruelty against animals. 

3. What is the full form of PETA? 

PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

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