World Kindness Day 2022: History, Significance, Activities and Theme

World Kindness Day is annually celebrated on 13th November, on this day the power of kindness and the impact that it makes is highlighted!

World Kindness Day is annually celebrated on 13th November and it is part of the World Kindness Movement. On this day, the power of kindness and the impact it can make is highlighted. Although this day is not recognized by the United Nations yet, it is celebrated widely around the globe.  

World Kindness Day presents us with the opportunity to reflect upon one of the most important and unifying human principles which is to be kind and helpful to others. 

This is a day devoted to the positive potential of both large and small acts of kindness, it try to promote and diffuse this crucial quality that brings people together everywhere in the world. So this day encourages people to carry out random acts of kindness.  

Event World Kindness Day
Date November 13, 2022
Day Sunday
Significance The day celebrates and honors the importance of Kindness
Observed by World wide

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World Kindness Day History: 

In English, the word kindness is from approximately 1300, though the word's sense evolved to its current meanings in the late 1300s. Over time, it has acted in part of a personality trait as a long tradition of generosity through human cultures and family-friendly benefits in the concept of hospitality. Kindness has been a topic of interest in philosophy, religion, and psychology. Kindness was one of the main topics in the Bible. In Book II of "Rhetoric", Aristotle defines kindness as "helpfulness towards someone in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper himself, but for that of the person helped".  Nietzsche considered kindness and love to be the "most curative herbs and agents in human intercourse".  

World Kindness Day first began as a day of observation by the World Kindness Movement. The organization was registered as an official NGO under Swiss law in 2019. However, the history of the group reaches all the way back to a Tokyo-based convention in 1997. A range of associations and institutions based in countries including Thailand, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States had been built at this conference because of their combined dedication to promoting kindness in society. The initial formation of the World Kindness Movement formed as a result of this event. 

The written declaration of their inception was created stating their "pledge to join together to build a kinder and more compassionate world." In the pursuit of this aim, in 1998, they would help to launch the inaugural World Kindness Day. The reason for World Kindness Day is detailed by the World Kindness Movement, "to highlight good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us." 

In 2010, at the request of Michael Lloyd-White, the NSW Federation Parents and Citizens Association wrote to the Minister of The NSW Department of Education to place World Kindness Day on the NSW School Calendar. In 2012, at the request of the Chairman of World Kindness Australia, World Kindness Day was placed on the Federal School Calendar and the then Minister of School Education, Early Childhood, and Youth. The Hon Peter Garrett provided a Declaration of Support for World Kindness Australia and placed World Kindness Day on the National School Calendar for over 9000 schools. 


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World Kindness Day Significance: 

World Kindness Day aims to highlight good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness for good which binds us. Kindness is a fundamental part of the human condition which bridges the divides of race, religion, politics, gender and location. Kindness Cards are also an ongoing activity which can either be passed on to recognize an act of kindness and or ask that an act of kindness be done. Approaches are being made to the United Nations by the peak global body, the World Kindness Movement, to have World Kindness Day to be officially recognized as an UN event. 

Kindness has never been more relevant than in today's time. The world have just fought and still fighting against the pandemic, and now it is suffering from economic crisis all over the world so people are suffering in different ways. In such times, kindness can go a long way. The sense of satisfaction achieved after helping people is great for our own well-being. This day is celebrated to help people understand the power of kindness. Today, although we live in a hectic and self-concentrated world, we do come across acts of kindness that warm up our hearts. Being kind and doing good for others is a great moral value to nurture.  

Kindness is most often taught from parents to children and is learned through observation and some direct teaching. Studies have shown that through programs and interventions kindness can be taught and encouraged during the first 20 years of life. Further studies show that kindness interventions can help improve wellbeing with comparable results as teaching gratitude. Similar findings have shown that organizational level teaching of kindness can improve wellbeing of adults in college. Kindness is not present as a course in most institutions.

The day also puts focus on self-kindness. Self-kindness means to act in a generous and considerate manner when oneself is going through pain, struggles or hardships as opposed to ignoring them or being self-criticizing. This is different from self-esteem, which is more of an evaluation of oneself, where self-kindness is more about how one treats themselves. Self-kindness, as with other forms of kindness, is shown to improve wellbeing and longevity. It is about acknowledging the hardships and struggles in life and realizing that there is still room to grow and learn while experiencing these things. So this day celebrates and promotes all kinds of kindness! 


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World Kindness Day Activities: 

The many events that take place on this day attract countless participants from all parts of the globe. This day is filled with kindness and activities like dance mobs, concerts, the distribution of kindness cards, and random acts of kindness such as paying for someone shopping or helping someone with their bags. 

The main tradition of the day is to be kind and to try and encourage kindness to prevail over hatred. Whether it's helping out someone with chores, taking the time out to ask how someone is doing, or complimenting someone, the name of the game is kindness, and we all have it in us.  

You can perform activities like giving compliments, dmiling at strangers, holding a door open for someone or giving up your seat on a crowded train. Perform at least three random acts of kindness and see what magic follows! Kindness and connection go hand-in-hand. Take a few extra minutes to hug your loved ones and friends today. They might wonder what got into you, but they will appreciate it at last.  

Read a book or watch any movies or series based on kindness. There are many incredible books and movies out there which shows or teaches us about the important value of kindness. So as a way of celebration do take a look at these to get yourself indulge into the world of kindness. 


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World Kindness Day Theme: 

On World Kindness Day, several campaigns and events are organized to promote the idea of kindness for all. To keep the motive of the day uniform, a unique theme is decided for this day every year. All the events, discussions, and festivities of the day revolve around this theme.

The theme for World Kindness Day 2022 is "Be kind whenever possible". This theme is taken from a quote by Dalai Lama. 

This simple theme invokes a sense of responsibility on every individual to try to practice kindness and compassion in everyday life.  

Most Searched FAQs on World Kindness Day: 

1. When is World Kindness Day celebrated? 

World Kindness Day is annually celebrated on 13th November. 

2. Why is it important to be kind? 

Kindness not only helps the person in need, but the satisfaction of helping someone in need leads to the feeling of high self-worth and is good for our well-being. 

3. What is the theme of World Kindness Day 2022? 

The theme of World Kindness Day 2022 is "Be kind whenever possible". 

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