Orphan Sunday 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

Orphan Sunday is annually celebrated on second Sunday of November, this day raises awareness about orphans and encourages people to support them

Orphan Sunday is annually celebrated on every second Sunday of November which means this year it falls on 13th November. From 2010 to 2014, it was celebrated on the first Sunday of November. Since 2015 it has changed to second Sunday. 

Orphan Sunday began in a local church in Zambia and today, churches all over the world celebrate it and campaign for helping orphans. 

This day raises awareness about the plight of orphans around the world and encourages people to help and support these orphans now so that even they can have a brighter future ahead of them. There are thousands upon thousands of children in our world who are without any parents and they need our help. 

Event Orphan Sunday
Date November 13, 2022
Day Sunday
Significance The day raises awareness about the plight of orphans around the world
Observed by World wide

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Orphan Sunday History: 

Wars, epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters, accidents, etc. These all reasons have led to many children becoming orphans all over the world throughout human history. The most recent tragedy we can think of the Second World War which resulted in the millions of children becoming orphans all across the world. Even today there are millions of children who are orphans in our world because of those same reasons. So they need our support and help for their development. Many religious texts, including the Bible and the Quran, contain the idea that helping and defending orphans is a very important and God-pleasing matter. The religious leaders Moses and Muhammad were orphaned as children. 

The seeds of the Orphan Sunday were planted when the Christian Alliance started their own version of Orphan Sunday back in when an American visitor to Africa Gary Schneider was attending a church service in Zambia and was moved by the pastor's call to care for the numerous orphans in a local community plagued by hunger bordering on starvation, poverty and AIDS. Orphaned children were in a particularly terrible condition at the time, as they were frequently forced to fend for themselves. Many children's lives were compromised as a result of this, as they had no means of earning enough money to attend school in the hopes of gaining an education and a suitable job in the future.  


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Even though many of the residents who attended the ceremony were impoverished themselves, several of them walked forward at the end of the service to show their support, a few even gifting their shoes and clothes to help the children. Schneider was moved by this display of compassion and generosity then decided to assist Zambian leaders in caring for Zambian orphans by spreading the news about this new practice, which spread like wildfire. This initiative reached the United States by 2003. The Christian Alliance salutes Schneider’s visit to a Zambian church for the gift of Orphan Sunday and the inspiration it provided to people across the globe to care about orphans. 

In 2009, the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) began providing united leadership to make Orphan Sunday a catalyst for awareness and year-round action worldwide. Today, churches and organizations around the world observe Orphan Sunday annually. In 2012, CAFO launched the Global Movements Initiative to catalyze, equip, and connect locally-led networks of churches, NGOs, and agencies as they sought to care for vulnerable children and families in their communities. The following year, the first Collaborate forum was held alongside Summit, gathering leaders from around the world to grow spiritually and professionally by learning and discussing good practices and leadership. 


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Orphan Sunday Significance: 

Orphan Sunday is a day set aside to recognize and raise awareness among the public, families, churches, and para-church advocacy groups about the plight of the world's 153 million orphans. Unfortunately, the majority of these children are never adopted. They constitute the 'Orphan Nation,' the world's 10th-largest country. Many churches and groups have held Orphan Sundays over the years to promote awareness about orphans in our communities, highlighting their issues and needs. As they needs our support and help so that they can make a living of themselves can have a bright future ahead. 

Most of the orphans today are found in the developing countries of the world especially in those places which are continuously suffering from conflicts, epidemics or poverty. The main reasons contributing to children becoming orphans are wars or conflicts, accidents, natural disasters, poverty, epidemics and pandemics. And that's why the developing regions of the world tends to have the most orphans with very less parental support or care for children who are orphans and hence this day highlights this very important issue which needs to be solved for the betterment of our world. 

Orphan Sunday aims to advocate for orphans across the globe, helping them find new homes and giving them the support they need to thrive. It is an important reminder of the crucial issues facing orphans in today's society. As most of the orphans today never gets adopted which greatly affects their future life after becoming orphans as they struggle to get education and income and as a result most ot the times ends up living on the streets or even if they ends up at orphanage they usually does not get the required care and attention in terms of education or lifestyle. Hence orphan adoption is very important and is promoted on this day. 

Orphan Sunday also brings recognition to the relevant nonprofits and caregivers who play important roles in caring for orphans in various orphanages all across the world. Their efforts are recognized and appreciated as part of the observance on this day. As it is mostly seen that often they ste not as much appreciated enough for all of their efforts in taking care of the orphans to give them a support in their lives after losing their parents. So this day makes people realize about the importance of these workers and pays them a tribute for their hardwork towards this noble cause. 


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Orphan Sunday Celebrations: 

Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to rouse church, community and friends to God's call to care for the orphan. Each Orphan Sunday event is different, depending on who it's led by, the believer in any local church, along with their priest or pastor, get together to decide what actions they could take stand to benefit their local orphans as well as orphans worldwide. 

By making a monthly donation, you can help orphan care partner homes and the children they serve go from surviving to thriving. With consistent contributions, no matter how little, you can make a significant impact towards this very noble cause. So do try to find some NGOs or organizations taking care of the orphans and help them in continuing their operations through your donation. 

Share the facts about the situation with your family, friends, and coworkers, to raise awareness of this day and very important issue. Assist in making this one-day advocacy event the start of something bigger. By supporting one of many active fundraisers, you may invite communities you're associated with to become a part of the solution. Start advocating for orphans on this day.   

Most Searched FAQs on Orphan Sunday: 

1. When is Orphan Sunday celebrated? 

Orphan Sunday is annually celebrated on every second Sunday of November. 

2. Are there still orphanages? 

Traditional orphanages are no longer popular, having been mainly supplanted by contemporary foster care, adoption, and child welfare systems. 

3. What happens to children who aren't adopted? 

Children who are not adopted are frequently moved between the group and foster homes until they reach the age of 18 to 21. Children with disabilities, such as learning problems, have a twice-as-high chance of aging out of the system. Many of these young adults will have to fend for themselves at this age.

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