National Mutt Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

National Mutt Day which is celebrated twice in the US on 31st July and 2nd December is a day which celebrates all the mutt or mixed breed dogs

It is popularly said that "Dogs are men's best friend", and that's why today they are the most popular pets of the world, but it is often forgotten that it applies to all dogs including mutt or mixed breed dogs also not just some special breed dogs. 

National Mutt Day is celebrated twice in the United States, the one is on July 31st but here we are talking about December 2nd celebrations. This day highlights the issue that mutt dogs are mostly neglected in teens of adoption hence it encourages people to adopt them as pets.  

This holiday is mostly focused on mixed-breed dogs, so forget about pure-bred dogs. On this day, National Mutt Day, mixed breeds and mutts are what it's all about! 

Event National Mutt Day
Date December 2, 2022
Day Friday
Significance The day celebrates and honors mutt or mixed breed dog
Observed by United States

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National Mutt Day History: 

The term 'mutt' was originally used as a derogatory word for stupid person during the 1800s. And for dogs too it was used in a negative aspect as it referred to the dogs whose parents were not registered and were not both of the same breed. But now the term is simply used to refer dogs of the mixed breeds and it is no longer a derogatory term. Other terms for this might be "mixed breed". This truly has no bearing on the quality of the dog because mutts can still make amazing pets! 

For a very long time in our society and still today in most cases it is seen that peopleseenms hesitant to adopt mutt dogs as their pets and not just mutt dogs but also with other dogs species mostly street dogs which were neglected for adoption. As mostly people only tends to adopt dogs of pure-bred species like german shepherd, bulldog, pomeranian, labrador, etc.  

Because of all of these reasons despite dogs being the most domesticated animal in our world it is being seen that most of the mutt and mixed-breed dogs are actually still struggling to find their home. This also highlights the hypocrisy of the human nature and mindset which only thinks that only some breeds which attracts them deserves all the love and appreciation but they don't care anything about the other species and breeds. 

Frustrated by seeing the attitude of people towards mutt dogs, animal welfare advocate and behaviorist, Colleen Paige founded the National Mutt Day. In a desire to encourage love for any and all animals, Paige started this day in an effort to raise awareness about the problem of mixed breed dogs who are often abandoned and thus encouraging the people worldwide towards adopting them and provide them with adequate shelter and food.  


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National Mutt Day Significance: 

A mongrel, mutt or mixed-breed dog is a dog that does not belong to one officially recognized breed and including those that are the result of intentional breeding. Although the term mixed-breed dog is sometimes preferred, many mongrels have no known purebred ancestors. Crossbreed dogs, and "designer dogs", while also a mix of breeds, differ from mongrels in being intentionally bred. 

There are also many advantages of adopting mixed-breed dogs as studies that have been done in the area of health show that mixed-breeds on average are both healthier and longer-lived than their purebred relations. This is because current accepted breeding practices within the pedigreed dog community result in a reduction in genetic diversity, and can result in physical characteristics that lead to health issues. 

This day also gives us an important message that whether your dog is from a famous breeder or your local shelter, he or she loves you in a way that can't be expressed in words. Though mixed breed dogs aren't usually as highly regarded as their purebred cousins, they've got lots of love in their hearts. And some people even argue that since most mutts weren't born on Easy Street, they love us even more. And that's why they also totally deserves love and appreciation from us in the same way as well. 

This day also highlights the plight faced by the mutt dogs, as often passed over for their pedigreed cousins, mixed breed dogs end up at a pet shelter more frequently and they tend to wait longer before getting adopted. But mutts have all the doggedness we love about dogs and National Mutt Day is about getting them the love and attention they deserve. Hence this day is all about promoting the adoption of these cute and lovely creatures. 


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National Mutt Day Activities: 

If you already owns a mutt dog then congratulations for you, take care of your mutt dog with all the love and affection and makes it feels happy with your company and also take care of it gently. The thing that you can do includes taking your dog for a nice walk, feeding him/her special dog food, bathing your dog, etc. 

If you don't own a mutt dog yet and if you are thinking about adopting a pet then do adopt a mutt dog this time as everyone adopts famous purebred dogs like German Shepherd, Labrador, Pomeranian, etc. But take it a different way than others and adopt a mutt dog for sure if you are thinking to adopt a pet. 

There are many animal welfare shelters running in today which takes cares of all the mutt dogs too so on this National Mutt Day try to volunteer for such organizations. Yeah decide yourself to do something for these mutt dogs on this day and volunteer for any such animal welfare shelters and help those beautiful creature called mutt dogs. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Mutt Day: 

1. When is National Mutt Day celebrated? 

National Mutt Day is celebrated twice in the US on July 31st and December 2nd. 

2. Who founded National Mutt Day? 

National Mutt Day was founded by Colleen Paige, an animal welfare advocate and behaviourist. 

3. Is it true that mutts live longer? 

A 2019 study from the American Animal Hospital Association shows that, on average, mixed breed dogs live longer than their purebred counterparts. Purebred dogs may have shorter lifespans due to inbreeding.

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