International Students' Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

Every year on 17th November, International Students' Day is celebrated, this day celebrates the future of our world which are students today!

International Students' Day is annually celebrated on November 17th worldwide. This day celebrates the future of world which are students today!  

Every year, International Students' Day is observed to highlight the importance of education for all students. The day’s goal is to guarantee that every kid in the world has access to education. 

The date also commemorates the anniversary of the 1939 Nazi storming of the University of Prague during World War II. During which students resisted Germaj occupation of Czechoslovakia which led to execution of nine protestors and over 1,200 students were sent to concentration camps. So this day also remembers and honors their sacrifice on this day!  

Event International Students' Day
Date November 17, 2022
Day Thursday
Significance The day celebrates and honors the Students
Observed by World wide

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International Students' Day History: 

During the Second World War, Nazi Germany under the control of Adolf Hitler had occupied the country of Czechoslovakia. By this time Czechoslovakia no longer existed, as it had been divided into the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and the Slovak Republic under a fascist puppet government. In late 1939 the Nazi authorities in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia suppressed a demonstration in Prague held by students of the Medical Faculty of Charles University. The demonstration was held on 28 October to commemorate the anniversary of the independence of the Czechoslovak Republic (1918). During this demonstration the student Jan Opletal was shot, and later died from his injuries on 11 November. 

His funeral procession consisted of thousands of students, who turned the event into an anti-Nazi demonstration. However, the Nazi authorities took drastic measures in response, closing all Czech higher education institutions, arresting more than 1,200 students, who were then sent to concentration camps, executing nine students and professors without trial on 17 November. Historians speculate that the Nazis granted permission for the funeral procession already expecting a violent outcome, in order to use that as a pretext for closing down universities and purging anti-fascist dissidents. 


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An initial idea to commemorate the atrocities inflicted on students in German-occupied Czechoslovakia was discussed among Czechoslovak Army troops in England in 1940. A small group of soldiers, former elected student officials, decided to renew the Central Association of Czechoslovak Students (USCS) which had been disbanded by the German Protectorate in Czechoslovakia. The idea of commemorating the 17 November tragedy was discussed with the British National Union of Students of England and Wales and other foreign students fighting the Nazis from England. 

Throughout 1941 efforts were made to convince students of other nations to acknowledge 17 November as a day of commemoration, celebrating and encouraging resistance against the Nazis and the fight for freedom and democracy in all nations. The inaugural meeting was held in London's Caxton Hall on 16 November 1941, with support from President Beneš. The proclamation was read and accepted by all attendees, among them representatives of all governments who were in exile in London. Since then, many organizations and international student groups have continued to observe the day. The day is a public holiday in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is formally called the "Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day". 


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International Students' Day Significance: 

International Students' Day calls for support to provide safe, secure, and adequate economic, social, and health benefits for the well-being of all students around the world. The day recognizes the importance of access to education among youth worldwide. The day aims to highlight the contribution these young people make around the world. It also seeks to promote their rights and interests. International Students' Day is now celebrated all over the world to commemorate and promote education. On this day, students are encouraged to learn about other cultures and languages. Therefore, this event aims to promote education and cultural exchange between countries by promoting student exchange programs.

This event aims to bring together international students from different countries and cultures to celebrate their achievements and share their experiences. Furthermore, this event aims to promote cultural diversity and understanding among international students. The objective of this event is to encourage students to learn about other cultures and develop a global perspective. This event aims to provide opportunities for international students to meet each other and make friends. Many of these students help to promote economic growth through innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. The day recognizes the importance of educating youth about the environment and sustainability. 


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The day also celebrates the determination of international students who find the courage to take the big leap to pursue their dreams of studying overseas. It recognizes the sacrifices made by these students who leave their families behind to make it big in their respective fields. It celebrates their spirit to venture beyond boundaries with confidence and expand their horizons by learning with fellow students worldwide on the same platform. In addition, in recent years, the international student community has grown rapidly and many countries are facing issues related to international education. There is a need for continued dialogue between government officials, educators, parents, and other stakeholders to ensure that no young person misses out on opportunities due to a lack of access to education. 

International Students' Day aims to promote friendship among people from different countries and cultures and to encourage mutual understanding and respect. The day also celebrates the life of students, their education, and how they play an important role in building a stronger nation. In addition, the day also acknowledges the problems faced by students across national, ethnic, religious, and gender identities and how these can be addressed for their bright future. So this day also reminds about the responsibilities to the government and authorities across the world to ensure access to education to every individual without any discrimination. 


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International Students' Day Celebrations: 

On this day, universities and schools across the world host many events like cultural performances, food tastings, sports competitions, and academic workshops as a way to celebrate students. In addition, they also provide information about scholarships and financial aid programs for many hardworking students as well! 

Many schools usually hold fun and exciting events on this day like cultural festivals, lectures, workshops, and carnivals so that students can enjoy this day with joy and enthusiasm. In addition, students can also participate in various activities such as essay writing contests, quizzes, debates, and other fun-filled activities. 


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The day is celebrated with expert talks from dignitaries on discussing issues and finding solutions to the problems faced by the student community. Universities across the world organize events on International Students' Day to encourage youth engagement so that they can be aware about our world and doing so will be able to act accordingly. 

International Students' Day is a reminder not just about the power of the youth but also about the strength of diversity. So if no events are taking place at your university or any other educational institution then encourage your university to organize events that celebrate multiculturalism. Bring different groups together for an engaging day of discussion, film, music, and art from around the world. 

Most Searched FAQs on International Students' Day: 

1. When is International Students' Day celebrated? 

International Students' Day is annually celebrated on 17th November. 

2. Why do we celebrate International Students' Day? 

Though originally a day of commemoration of the more than 1,200 students from the University of Prague whose lives were taken in WWII, International Students' Day has become an occasion for universities the world over to boast their masses of international students, and the good they do for the local community.

3. What are the benefits of being an international student? 

International students have a global outlook since they encounter multiple perspectives and therefore multiple possibilities. Studying in international universities helps students see the world and meet people with diverse interests. 

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