National Nachos Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

Nachos are today one of the most favorite snack of the Americas! So much that it is celebrated annually on November 6th in the country

The United States celebrates one of the most favorite and popular Mexican snack of nachos annually on November 6th as the National Nachos Day! 

Nachos are sometimes very hot and spicy. Sometimes they are cheesy. Sometimes they make a mess everywhere. But one thing is certain that they are delicious, and a favorite in many parts of the world!

While tortillas have been around for thousands of years, nachos are a much more recent invention but despite being a relatively new addition to the Mexican cuisine this dish have already made a mark on the global stage and is one of the most popular dishes from the Mexican cuisine.

Event National Nachos Day
Date November 6, 2022
Day Sunday
Significance The day celebrates and honors delicious Nachos
Observed by United States

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National Nachos Day History: 

The creation of nachos is credited to a Mexican man named Ignacio Anaya, who was also fondly called 'Nacho' by his loved ones. He was the maître d'hôtel (head waiter) at a restaurant in Piedras Negras, a town in Mexico. Now, the story of the origin of this Mexican snack dates back to the 1940s, during the time of World War II. A few American women had barged into the Victory Club, and demanded food since they were very hungry. However, it was beyond the restaurant's operational hours, so there were no cooks available in the kitchen during that time. 

These women had travelled all the way from a military base in Eagle Pass just to satiate their hunger. Ignacio took on the challenge to serve these hungry guests at the odd hour. He rushed to the kitchen and looked around for whatever food was available at that time. His eyes spotted some fried corn tortillas chips, and he ended up stacking them on a plate and topping them with all kinds of ingredients available to him. Garnished with loads of Colby cheese, he whipped up a brilliant dish which charmed his guests instantly.

When asked about the name of the dish, Ignacio said whatever came to his mind first and that's how it began to be known as 'Nachos Especialies' or 'Nachos Specials'. This later came to be known as simply nachos, as we know them today. Eventually, the crunchy, bite-sized chips started entering the restaurant space, featuring on the Mexican-American menus. While some described them as open-faced quesadillas, others simply called them nachos. However, the Colby cheese was a significant part of the entire nacho dish.

Since this cheese was a luxury item that the American government was providing to the families during World War II, there was a sort of exchange or barter at the American and Mexican borders. Interestingly, the idea of having nachos at sports and gaming events or at movie halls was popularised in the US by a man named Frank Liberto. With his invention of a cheddar cheese sauce that could be used without refrigeration and would remain melted even without heating, nachos topped with cheese became a staple at these recreational places because of their long shelf life and ease of preparation.


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National Nachos Day Significance: 

Nachos are a Mexican food consisting of fried tortilla chips or totopos covered with melted cheese or cheese sauce, as well as a variety of other toppings, often including meats such as ground beef or grilled chicken, vegetables such as chili peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, and olives, and condiments such as salsa, guacamole, or sour cream. At its most basic form, nachos may consist of merely chips covered with cheese, and served as an appetizer or snack, while other versions are substantial enough as a main course. 

It is really hard to really classify what nachos actually are. The chips would lead you to believe that they are a snack, but what with all those toppings, how can it not be a meal? That's the great thing about nachos, they can be either. Perfect for either lunch or dinner, nachos are also only one fried egg away from being a breakfast staple as well! So at last we can say that nachos are a very versatile fish which fits to the taste and needs of everyone and can be eaten as both a full meal or simply a snack. Whatever youight call it nachos had made a significant mark in representaing Mexican cuisine. 

Nachos can be baked or not. Simple or loaded. Served hot or cold. Piled with beans and peppers and meat. But, no matter how they are served and eaten, Nachos are certainly worthy of celebration and adoration on this day! Nachos vary from the modern style served in restaurants to the quick and easy nachos sold at concession stands in sports stadiums. The nachos commonly sold at concession stands in the US consists of tortilla chips topped with pump-able cheese sauce. The cheese sauce comes in condensed form to which water or milk and pepper juice are added.

Nachos may have been invented on the border of America and Mexico, but they’re popular all over the world with their own special twists. In Memphis, Tennessee, pulled pork is a common addition, along with barbecue sauce and peppers. In Hawaii, kalua pork and pineapple nachos are very common. All over the world we can find very different variations of nachos according to their own speciality so it is the kind of dish which brings people together.


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National Nachos Day Celebrations: 

For an authentic way to enjoy National Nachos Day, head on down to the place where it all started–the restaurants in Piedras Negras, Mexico. Of course, Ignacio Anaya probably won't be there anymore, but his memory is. Head over to the Moderno Restaurant where Anaya used to work, or enjoy them at just about any restaurant in the town. I mean what can serve as a better way to mark this day than by having a delicious treat of nachos yourself. 

One thing you can try on this day if you like challenges then it is cooking! Yes you can cook yourself a nacho made by you and you don't have to worry too much about your cooking skills as making nachos are not that difficult if you have a basic cooking experience. There are also various recipes easily available for it on the internet so what you are waiting for now, get started cooking some nachos.

At this point, nachos have become just as much a movie theater staple as popcorn. This National Nachos Day, try taking in a blockbuster while skipping on the popcorn. Instead, when you hit the concession stand, make a hot, melty plate of nachos the star of the show. In this way along with celebrating this day you will be also able to get a daily dose of your entertainment for the day. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Nachos Day: 

1. When is National Nachos Day celebrated? 

National Nachos Day is annually celebrated on November 6th in US. 

2. When did Nachos become popular? 

While a Mexican hotel manager created the dish in 1943, a U.S. sportscaster gets credit for popularizing nachos in 1976 during a Monday Night Football game.

3. Are nachos unhealthy? 

Deep fried foods topped with melted cheese generally don't rate high with cardiologists. Try going heavy on colorful vegetables and using whole-grain flour. Or just limit yourself to Super Bowl nachos once a year.

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