National Housewife Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

National Housewife Day is annually celebrated on 3rd November in US, this day celebrates the hardworking housewives and appreciate them for their work

National Housewife Day is annually celebrated on November 3rd in the United States. This day recognizes all of the hardworking homemakers of the country and appreciates their contribution in taking care of the house. 

The day honors the mostly unseen contribution of the stay-at-home moms who take care of the children, keeping them clean, safe and well-behaved and the home, with its hundreds of unnoticed, repetitive little tasks. 

Although most of the women today are working women as well but despite this most of the house chores even today is mostly handled by women and hence this day is celebrated to recognize the contribution of all the housewives along with all the people for their contribution in performing the house chores. 

Event National Housewife Day
Date November 3, 2022
Day Thursday
Significance The day honors and appreciates the work of Homemakers or Housewife
Observed by United States

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National Housewife Day History: 

Ever since the human civilization started to take place in our world there formed a popular belief that men are the primary or sole breadwinners of the families while the women were assigned to only take care of the house chores and cooking only. And our society across the world remained like that for several centuries in our world and it was only in recent history during the industrial revolution when women were allowed to work for jobs outside the homes. Although most of the house chores even today is carried out by women in our families whether they might be working women or housewives. 

In the 19th century, more and more women in industrialising countries stopped being homemakers and farm wives and began to undertake paid work in various industries outside the home and away from the family farm, in addition to the work they did at home. At this time many big factories were set up, first in England, then in other European countries and the United States. Many thousands of young women went to work in factories; most factories employed women in roles different from those occupied by men. There were also women who worked at home for low wages while caring for their children at the same time.


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In the early 20th century, both world wars (World War I, 1914–18; and World War II, 1939-45) were fought by the men of many different countries. While the men were at war, many of their womenfolk went to work outside the home to keep the countries running. Women, who were also homemakers, worked in factories, businesses and farms. At the end of both wars, many men had died, and others returned injured. Some men were able to return to their previous positions, but some women stayed in the workforce as well. 

Later because of the better technology and innovations it made easier for the women to work outside as it reduced their time in carrying out house chores and cooking. In the late 20th century, in many countries, it became harder for a family to live on a single wage. Subsequently, many women were required to return to work following the birth of their children. However, the number of male homemakers began gradually increasing in the late 20th century, especially in developed Western nations. 


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National Housewife Day Significance: 

The National Housewife Day is used to celebrate women with the courage to take on a non-salaried role which has no leave and occurs mostly unseen. The term 'housewife' or 'homemaker' is an old term originating from the days when most households were carried by one income. It was usually the father who provided financial support to the family, while the mother stayed home to manage the house and kids. However in recent years we have been also witnessing many male homemakers where the roles are reversed so this day also celebrates them as well. 

The definition of housewifely tasks isn't easy since there are several duties for which they are responsible, and they vary from household to household. These duties include; being the planner, organizer, and manager of the house, all of which involve cooking, cleaning, and taking caring for the children as well. Many women who are not housewives also almost manages most of these tasks at homes so this day also celebrates them also for their hardwork and contributions in managing the house and taking care of the family. 


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It is often seen that in our career-driven world, being a housewife (or house husband) is looked upon as a sort of easy way out, when it is anything but that. However, recently people have slowly begun to realize that just because someone stays home all day, that doesn't mean that they sleep till noon and spend half of the remainder of the day filing their nails, and that contrary to popular belief, running a home is quite a bit of work indeed. Hence their work and contributions should not be forgotten for that this day is celebrated. 

The National Housewife Day was created to foster this understanding and increase appreciation for these 'Super Women' for all they do. The aim of the day is to give these housewives a break from their daily work and appreciate the job she does. Through a day like this, housewives will be encouraged, and their spouses will value them more as it is often seen that people underestimate or doesn't respect the work of housewives. Because of day like this it will foster more love within the family, which is a great thing!


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National Housewife Day Celebrations: 

Celebrating this day will naturally revolve around the housewife or homemaker, and rightfully so. If you are a stay-at-home wife or husband, feel free to treat yourself to a day spa. You deserve it, for all of the floors you've washed, all of the diapers you've changed, and all of the dinners you've cooked! This is a day celebrating you so feel free to take a break without smy guilt as you have earned it through your hardwork for whole year. 

And if you are a husband/wife whose wife/husband stays back to care for the home, this is a perfect day for a refreshing dinner with your spouse. Take her/him to a choice of exquisite restaurant and enjoy a sumptuous meal and time together. If that is not possible, cook the meal and let the kids help out with the chores that follow which your spouse regularly does. But don't forget to give your partner a break on this day! 

Last of all, make sure National Housewife Day is not something that happens only once a year, just because that’s when the day falls! One day a year of vacation from a job is not enough for anyone, regardless of the work they do, let alone for someone single-handedly responsible for such an enormous and important task. So from now on try to appreciate and thanks your spouse for all of the contributions time-to-time, this will help in maintaining respect and honor in your relationship. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Housewife Day: 

1. When is National Housewife Day celebrated? 

National Housewife Day is annually celebrated on November 3rd in US. 

2. Is housewife a correct word? 

Most people, married or unmarried, find the term housewife perfectly acceptable. But it is sometimes perceived as insulting, perhaps because it implies a lowly status ("She's just a housewife") or because it defines an occupation in terms of a woman's relation to a man. Homemaker is a fairly common substitute.

3. Is housewife an occupation? 

One dictionary defines an occupation as "an activity that serves as one's regular source of livelihood." Being a housewife is an activity that gets one food, clothing, and a place to live, and that certainly meets the dictionary's definition of having an occupation.

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