National Chocolate Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

Chocolate! One of the most loved food item has many days in its honor worldwide, such is the National Chocolate Day of US which falls on 28th October

Chocolate is one of the life's greatest pleasure and we are very lucky and glad to have in our world as without it the world would have been so incomplete. This is also loved my almost everyone but  especially among kids so why we shouldn't we celebrate it. 

You will be even more happy to know that there are multiples days worldwide honoring our delicious chocolates and one among them is the National Chocolate Day in the United States which is also celebrated for two times in a year one on October 28th and the other on December 28th. Today we are talking about the day on 28th October. 

If we think that then chocolates were not common in our world for a long time as cacao plants came from the New World when it was first discovered by the Spanish in the 16th century and today chocolates have become one of the most popular food item in the entire world. 

Event National Chocolate Day
Date October 28, 2022
Day Friday
Significance The day honors people's love of chocolate and its delicious taste.
Observed by United States

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National Chocolate Day History: 

The history of chocolate began in Mesoamerica. Fermented beverages made from chocolate date back to at least 1900 BC to 1500 BC. The Mexica believed that cacao seeds were the gift of Quetzalcoatl, the god of wisdom, and the seeds once had so much value that they were even used as a form of currency once. Originally prepared only as a drink, chocolate was served as a bitter liquid, mixed with spices or corn puree. 

Despite being present in the Americas for such a long time the cacao plant only got introduced to the Old World in 1579, when a  Spanish vessel was attacked by English Pirates, finding it full of cocoa beans. Being unfamiliar with the delicious substance, they set fire to the vessel thinking they had conquered a vessel full of sheep droppings. The Spanish fell in love with the substance and were the first to start adding sugar to it. However initially it was consumed as a beverage and not took the modern form that we know today of chocolates as that only happened during the industrial revolution era. 

The revolutionary moment came when I'm 1829 the cocoa press was invented, and with it came cocoa powder, cocoa butter and then solid chocolate. This invention was used to bring chocolate to the world, bringing it out of the exclusive province of the wealthy at first. Then in 1847 the first chocolate bar was invented, and its one thousand year history as a substance consumed only as a liquid finally came to an end and we got our chocolates. Only two years later, the Cadbury company in England came up with the idea for a box of chocolates, which they made available specifically for Valentine's Day which quicky became very popular in the western world. 

Following the invention of solid chocolate bars came the creation of chocolate covered candies. As in 1866 J.S. Fry & Sons brought the chocolate cream bar for the first time, which was very important as it gave a way to a variety of other ideas, including the combination of peppermint with chocolate, the evolution of truffles, covering fruit in chocolate and a wide variety of other ideas. As a result by 1875 the Milk Chocolates were also introduced which helped in increasing popularity of chocolates around the world and later dark chocolates and other varieties of chocolates were also introduced and today we have a world full of chocolates. 


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National Chocolate Day Significance: 

Chocolates are loved by everyone! I mean who can say no to delicious flavor of chocolates especially when it melts in our mouth so it is highly rare for anyone to hate our lovely chocolates except if they are somehow allergic to it. Well when we say chocolates are one of the most consumed food item in our world we really mean it as it is one of the top traded commodity in our world today. Chocolates are loved by people of different age groups, genders, races, cultures, etc. But it holds a very special place especially among the children. That's why eating chocolates can also bring nostalgia many times. 

Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world, and many foodstuffs involving chocolate exist, particularly desserts, including cakes, pudding, mousse, chocolate brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. Many candies are filled with or coated with sweetened chocolate. Chocolate bars, either made of solid chocolate or other ingredients coated in chocolate, are eaten as snacks. Gifts of chocolate molded into different shapes (such as eggs, hearts, coins) are traditional on certain Western holidays, including Christmas too. 

Chocolate with a 'high cacao' percentage, as opposed to sugar, is found to have several positive health impacts. It is reported that more than three-in-four surveyed have chocolate at least once a week. Dark chocolates have antioxidants that are known to keep blood pressure in check and improve cardiovascular health. Chocolate also helps release endorphins in the body, a chemical known for a "happy mood." So despite the popular belief that chocolates are usually unhealthy maybe it's not that much of a issue and you shouldn't mind having your delicious chocolates even excessive at sometimes. 

Chocolate, prevalent throughout the world, is a steadily growing at US$ 50 billion-a-year worldwide business. Europe alone accounts for 45% of the world's chocolate revenue with the US coming at second so we can understand that how much chocolates are popular in the western countries. This a huge industry in which chocolate manufacturers produce a range of products from chocolate bars to fudge. Large manufacturers of chocolate products include Cadbury (the world's largest confectionery manufacturer), Ferrero, Guylian, The Hershey Company, Lindt & Sprüngli, Mars, Incorporated, Milka, Neuhaus and Suchard.


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National Chocolate Day Celebrations: 

What can serve as a more better way to mark the National Chocolate Day by having some delicious chocolates yourself. So on this day you are free to consume your favorite chocolates how much you want without worrying for the others. So get in the mod of the celebrations of our lovely chocolates and pay them a tribute by treating yourself or even treating others through a party is a nice way to celebrate this day. 

Whether alone, with a group, or at the party above, a fun way to celebrate National Chocolate Day is by watching a movie that is based around the theme. There are many to choose from so it’s possible to watch just one or have a marathon and watch several together! Some of the most popular suggestions include movies like Chocolat, Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, Lessons in Chocolate, etc. 

Making your own specialty gourmet chocolates at home can be a fun and enjoyable way to celebrate National Chocolates Day! It could be something completely simple, like melting chocolate and dipping fruit in it, or making chocolate covered nuts. But one thing is sure that you will have a very nice time doing it. So try it especially if you think yourself as a good cook. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Chocolate Day: 

1. When is National Chocolate Day celebrated? 

National Chocolate Day is annually celebrated on October 28th in US. 

2. How is chocolate good for you? 

Dark chocolate (70%+ cacao content) contains substances that are good for heart health, fight free radicals, improve brain function and lower cortisol – when eaten in moderation. 

3. Will chocolate keep you awake? 

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, contains caffeine as well as theobromine, so it could potentially keep people awake at night when consumed later in the day. 

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