National Cat Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

In the United States, the National Cat Day is annually celebrated on 29th October, this day is dedicated to cats and encourages adoption of cats

Cats are one of the most domesticated animal in our world today as they are second only to dogs today. But still there are many cats in our world which needs our live and care and that's what National Cat Day is all about! 

In the United States, the National Cat Day is annually celebrated on October 29th. This day is dedicated to showing love towards our cats and it also encourages people towards adoption of cats. 

National Cat Day provides us the perfect opportunity to learn about, embrace and celebrate everything to do with cats. Although most cats, if they could talk, would probably say that humans should have this attitude every day of the year and not just on National Cat Day!

Event National Cat Day
Date October 29, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance The day celebrates and honors the lovely Cats
Observed by United States

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National Cat Day History: 

Cats were first domesticated in the Near East, and some of the study authors speculate that the process began up to 12,000 years ago. While 12,000 years ago might seem a bold estimate nearly 3,000 before the date of the Cyprus tomb's cat, it actually is a perfectly logical one, since that is precisely when the first agricultural societies began to flourish in the Middle East's Fertile Crescent. When humans were predominantly hunters, dogs were of great use, and thus were domesticated long before cats.  

The ancient Egyptian reverence for cats is well-known throughout the world and it is also well-documented in the archaeological record: scientists found a cat cemetery in Beni-Hassan brimming with 300,000 cat mummies. Bastet, an Egyptian goddess of love, had the head of a cat, and to be convicted of killing a cat in Egypt often meant a death sentence for the offender. Ancient Romans held a similar albeit tempered and secularized reverence for cats, which were seen as a symbol of liberty. In the Far East, cats were valued for the protection they offered treasured manuscripts from rodents.


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As per National Geographic, "DNA analysis suggests that cats lived for thousands of years alongside humans before they were domesticated. During that time, their genes have changed little from those of wildcats, apart from picking up one recent tweak: the distinctive stripes and dots of the tabby cat." Another study from University of Rome scholar Claudio Ottoni reveals that ancient sailors would bring cats along to “help protect food storages on board by killing rodents. This allowed cats to spread across the world." 

For some reason, however, cats came to be demonized in Europe during the Middle Ages. They were seen by many as being affiliated with witches and the devil especially the black colored cats, and many were killed in an effort to ward off evil (an action that scholars think ironically helped to spread the plague, which was carried by rats). Obviously these all were just misconceptions but sadly this trend continued for a long time in medieval Europe. Not until the 1600s did the public image of cats begin to rally in the West. However still cats especially black cats are considered to bring bad luck and misfortune among many cultures. 

National Cat Day in the United States was first created by Colleen Paige, who has been a strong animal welfare advocate over the years. She created the day to bring attention to the plight of the domestic cat, particularly those who don’t live in happy homes. Thus, National Cat Day was first celebrated in 2005. Shortly after its inception, National Cat Day was adopted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an organization also centered on getting people to adopt pets into forever families.  


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National Cat Day Significance: 

Cats, like dogs, are for the most part domesticated and found wherever humans are in our world today. There is a wild tabby-like cat in Scotland, but otherwise, the only other feral cats are mostly those that have reverted from domestication. Anyone who has spent any time around cats knows that they can be very solitary animals. They evoke the spirit of independence, cleverness, and of course, curiosity. Cats have been both feared and loved throughout history by many different cultures but today it is mostly loved by humanity all over the world. 

As for symbolism, cats are symbolic of rebirth and resurrection, per their nine lives. Because they are nocturnal, they are also associated with darkness. Darkness often goes with fear, the unconscious, and things that are hidden. Cats are also symbols of mystery and magic, as aforementioned, but also unpredictability and even healing. Apart from all the symbolism associated with them, cats are actually very amazing and beautiful creature as well and that's why deserves all of our love and support. 

Although cats are primarily non-verbal communicators, they will talk to you always one you started taking with them. The more you talk to your cat, the more she will respond back to you. You may both be talking about totally different things, but there's definitely a conversation going on there so cats can turn out to be a very good friend who is always ready to listen to your chattings or complains. We live in a very busy world and we hardly get any time to spend with our friends and family now so it is always better to have cute little friend of you at your name and cats can play that role very beautifully. 


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Adopting cats has one more advantage as cats are actually very easy to maintain. As they can clean themselves, use a litter box, and don't need outdoor exercise at all. Cats can somehow adapt seamlessly to any home environment, from a small one-bedroom apartment in the city to a spacious cottage in the country. So no matter what your statis is it will be always east for you to adopt a cat and show some of your love and affection with your new lovely friend. 

Well in today's world cats are already being liked by many but still it is seen that there are many cats still left in the streets with poorer living conditions and which are continuously suffering in the harsh environment. Hence this day is celebrated with an aim to encourage people to take action regarding it by adopting cats and gove them a better life. 

National Cat Day Celebrations: 

If you already own a cat or thinking to own a cat in sometime then this is the perfect opportunity for you to celebrate this day fully dedicated to your cat. So make full use of this opportunity to shower all of your love and affection towards your lovely cat! You can make this day special for your cat like by preparing a bath for it, serving her high-quality cat food, taking her for a trip, etc. Those who don't own cats can celebrate this day by spending time with their friend's or family's cats. 

If you don't have one yet then go out and get a new fuzzy little cat to dominate your family and home with their cuteness. Of course, pets are for life, so be sure when bringing it home thinking about the future with all the required things settled for your cat first. Adopting cats is also a kind of responsibility as you will have to take care of your cat by doing some extra work so make sure that you get enough time for it at first them obviously you can bring yourself a cat. 

If you can't adopt a cat then you can still improve the lives of your local shelter hosting cats. Consider donating food, blankets, or toys to your local shelter or other animal welfare organization. Those kitties living in shelters will feel a bit more comfortable while they're waiting for their forever homes. In this way you will also be able to play a very important part towards this cause. 

Another great way to share an ongoing love of cats and make a difference all throughout the year, and not just on National Cat Day, is by volunteering to help at a local pet shelter. Whether filling out paperwork, cleaning, feeding pets, or assisting with the rehabilitation of traumatized animals, important tasks are waiting to be accomplished.

Most Searched FAQs on National Cat Day: 

1. When is National Cat Day celebrated? 

National Cat Day is annually celebrated on October 29th in US. 

2. Who created National Cat Day? 

National Cat Day was first created by Colleen Paige, who has been a strong animal welfare advocate over the years.

3. How often do you take a cat to the vet? 

It is best to take a cat to the vet at least one time per year, or more often for those who are older or who have health problems. 

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  1. There is a subconscious yet tragic human-nature propensity to perceive the value of animal life (sometimes even human life in regularly war-torn or overpopulated famine-stricken global regions) in relation to the conditions enjoyed or suffered by that life. With the mindset of feline disposability, it might be: ‘Oh, there’s a lot more whence they came’.

    Yes, dogs also get neglected/abandoned/abused — but not nearly as prolifically as do cats; even cats that had been house pets before being cowardly, cruelly abandoned. Perhaps resulting from past bulk contemptible treatment of their species, cats already innately sense that they’re somehow meant to be but a popular target of persecution as they’ve been throughout history.

    Also, with their reptile-like vertical-slit pupils and Hollywood-cliché fanged hiss when confronted, in a world mostly hostile toward snakes, cats may have a permanent public-relations problem, despite their social-media adorable-pet status. …

    In a nutshell, only when …
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