Haryana Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebration

Haryana Day is annually celebrated on 1st November in the Indian state of Haryana, this day commemorates the formation of Haryana state in 1966

Haryana is a northern state of India which celebrates its Haryana Day which is a public holiday in the state annually on 1st November. As this day commemorates the formation of the Haryana state in 1966. 

Earlier Haryana was part of the Punjab state of India. The demand for the creation of the Haryana state by the Haryanvi people lead to the formation of the Haryana state on 1st November, 1966. 

Haryana is a state which lies in the northern region of India although Haryana is not a very large state in the country but holds a lot of significance for the nation. It is a state which is rich in agriculture, industries and is best known for producing the best athletes for the country especially in the field of wrestling and boxing. 

Event Haryana Day
Date November 1, 2022
Day Tuesday
Significance The day commemorates the formation of the Haryana state in 1966.
Observed by India

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Haryana Day History: 

History of human presence in Haryana dates back to 100,000 years ago. However if we talk about civilization then also the modern day territory of Haryana hosted many settlements of the Indus Valley Civilization. Later during the Vedic era, there were janapada kingdoms in Haryana from 1500 BCE 6th century BCE, which evolved into mahajanapadas which lasted from 6th century BCE to 4th century BCE. Haryana also holds a lots of significance in ancient Hindu epics like Mahabharata as well as places of Haryana like Kurukshetra is mentioned many times in the ancient texts and places like Panipat in Haryana also hosted many major battles in the history. 

After the British colonization of India the territories of the Haryana state were incorporated with the Punjab presidency of British India. After the independence of India from British rule the demands for having a separate Haryana arose. Hindi language movement of Punjab that started on 30 April 1957 and lasted till 27 December 1957 in Hindi-speaking areas of Punjab, had paved the way for the demand for the formation of Haryana as a separate state for the Hindi speaking people of the united Punjab state.


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Movement started after government of post-independence Punjab tried to impose Punjabi on Hindi-speaking parts, and when people resisted, government retaliated by mass arrests, imprisonments and some of arrested activists were tortured in the prison. Sumer Singh of Naya Bans in Rohtak district gave his life for this cause during this movement. As a result these movement was successful and the government of India agreed to create a separate state for the Hindi-speaking region of the then Punjab state. 

Then on 1st November 1966, Haryana was carved out of the East Punjab on linguistic grounds, with majorly consisting of the "Hindi Speaking areas". Same example was later followed in creation of the state of Himachal Pradesh as well. Although it is to be noted that majority of the Haryana's population speaks Haryanvi language which is considered as a dialect of Hindi by the Indian constitution and that's why the movement is referred as the Hindi-language movement however some might call it as Haryanvi-language movement as well. 


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Haryana Day Significance: 

This day gives an opportunity to the people of Haryana to celebrate their distinct culture, history and language. Hence this day also serves as a remembrance day for the people of Haryana about their struggles for the creation of their state. This day reminds them that they are completely free to proudly celebrate their unique culture, traditions and language today because of the contributions of their ancestors so respect and honor is paid to the leaders of the Haryanvi community on this day. 

Haryana has a rich culture and history which makes it unique from the other states of India which is also the case with many other states of the country as well amd that's why India is called as the land of diversity. This day celebrates the everything of the Haryanvi identity be it Haryanvi language, dresses, customs, traditions, festivals or cuisine. This day encourages all of the people of Haryana to come out together and celebrate their Haryanvi indentity through participating in the celebrations of the day with great enthusiasm and joy. 

This holiday comes with a feeling that community members matter to one another and the group while promoting their norms, practices, and goals. It promotes community support, cooperation, unity, and solidarity with each other. As this day celebrates the Haryanvi indentity but it also calls for unity among all the people of the nation as well while acknowledging the diversity of the nation. This day on one hand reminds us about the struggle for the creation of Haryana but also celebrates its identity on being part of the huge and diverse country of India. 

Haryana is renowned as a leading tourist destination and a land of immense cultural diversity, and it has sustained both modernizations while preserving its culture. On this day, we gets the chance to celebrate Haryana's anniversary and the contribution they have made and are still making to India's economy and history. When we are talking about Haryana's contribution to the nation then how can we forget about the athletes from Haryana which makes their country proud on various global sports events. Haryana is also known as the wrestling and boxing capital of India. 


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Haryana Day Celebrations: 

During the Haryana Day, there are cycle rallies as well as a rally cum race that is held from Chandigarh to Panchkula town. All people and cycle riders participate enthusiastically and there is cheer and rejoicing on the streets all over the state.

The day of the Haryana Day also marks the Pakwan Pratiyogita, the food festival that is held at that time, at the tourist complexes. There are also blood donation camps and other Run for Fun events at the Haryana Festival. To add more enjoyment to the Haryana Day in Haryana, there are musical performances in the evenings that are held almost in all complexes in Haryana.

All the state complexes and buildings are brightly lit up and decorated and present a cheerful and beautiful sight. There are also various kinds of contests held to add some flavor to the Haryana Day. People participate actively and enthusiastically in the contests, races and other methods of celebrations.

Most Searched FAQs on Haryana Day: 

1. When is Haryana Day celebrated? 

Haryana Day is annually celebrated on 1st November in Haryana, India. 

2. Why do we celebrate Haryana Day? 

Haryana Day is celebrated on the 1st of November every year all over the state of Haryana. The state of Haryana was carved out of the state of Punjab and formally declared a separate state on the 1st of November, 1966.

3. How old is Haryana? 

Haryana in the sense of geographical unit was not known before the 12th century A.D. Although the term Haryana is of late origin yet the antiquity of this area has never been questioned. The Tomara Rajputs ruled over 'Hariyana' from Delhi when the Ghaznavids invaded India from north-west.

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