Fountain Pen Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

Fountain Pen Day is annually celebrated on every first Friday of November, this day is about celebrating elegant fountain pens and promote it as well

Fountain Pen Day is annually celebrated on every first Friday in the month of November which means this year it falls on 4th November. The celebrations of this day was started in 2012. 

This day is celebrated to appreciate the elegant and beautiful fountain pens and to promote the usage of fountain pens and writing in general among the public. 

The day is supported by many businesses and organizations worldwide, and it is common for supporting businesses to hold offers and promotions either on or leading up to the day. The point of the day is to emphasize the beauty of writing with elegant tools and the joy of creative writing in style.

Event Fountain Pen Day
Date November 4, 2022
Day Friday
Significance The day celebrates and honors the Fountain pen
Observed by United States

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Fountain Pen Day History: 

The earliest record  regarding usage of fountain pen can be found in ancient Egypt when it was used by the ancient Egyptians, in 3,000 B.C. These were called styluses. They used reed straw to write with ink made from vegetable gum and soot. These were called 'dip pens' because of the way they were dipped in the ink. Over many centuries 'reservoir pens' were developed wjich were the pens that held their ink. These came into use from the year 953, and throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, several mentions were made of metal writing pens.

The fountain pen was available in Europe in the 17th century and is shown by contemporary references. In Deliciae Physico-Mathematicae (a 1636 magazine), German inventor Daniel Schwenter described a pen made from two quills. One quill served as a reservoir for ink inside the other quill. The ink was sealed inside the quill with cork. Ink was squeezed through a small hole to the writing point. Progress in developing a reliable pen was slow until the mid-19th century because of an imperfect understanding of the role that air pressure plays in the operation of pens. 

In 1828, Josiah Mason improved a cheap and efficient slip-in nib in Birmingham, England, which could be added to a fountain pen and in 1830, with the invention of a new machine, William Joseph Gillott, William Mitchell, and James Stephen Perry devised a way to mass manufacture robust, cheap steel pen nibs. In 1848, American inventor Azel Storrs Lyman patented a pen with "a combined holder and nib". From the 1850s, there was a steadily accelerating stream of fountain pen patents and pens in production. 

In 2012, created the Fountain Pen Day to welcome, support, and share the use of fountain pens in day-to-day life, as well as revive handwriting as a whole. On this day, special offers are given to make it easier for those new to fountain pens to give them a try, or those who already love them to upgrade or add another to their collection. As writing as a whole is seeing a sharp decline in our digital world this day aims to promote the usage of fountain pens and writing as a whole. 


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Fountain Pen Day Significance: 

While no longer the primary writing instrument in modern times, fountain pens are still used for important official works such as signing valuable documents or writing important stories or in public examinations. Today, fountain pens are often treated as luxury goods and sometimes as status symbols. Fountain pens may serve as an everyday writing instrument, much like the common ballpoint pen or it is also available as a good quality steel and gold pens inexpensively today, particularly in Europe and China. 

Fountain pens can serve various artistic purposes such as expressive penmanship and calligraphy, pen and ink artwork, and professional art and design. Many users also favor the air of timeless elegance, personalization, and sentimentality associated with fountain pens, which computers and ballpoint pens seem to lack, and often state that once they start using fountain pens, ballpoints become awkward to use due to the extra motor effort needed and lack of expressiveness.

For ergonomics, fountain pens may relieve physiological stress from writing; alternatives such as the ballpoint pen can induce more pain and damage to those with arthritis. Some also believe they could improve academic performance. In some countries, fountain pens are usual in lower school grades, believed to teach children better control over their writing. As fountain pens provides a total different and pleasant experience while writing when compared to other pens. 

Some fountain pens are treated as collectibles. Ornate pens may be made of precious metals and jewels with cloisonné designs. Some are inlaid with lacquer designs in a process known as maki-e. Avid communities of pen enthusiasts collect and use antique and modern pens and also collect and exchange information about old and modern inks, ink bottles, and inkwells. Collectors may decide to use the antiques in addition to showcasing them in closed spaces such as glass displays. 


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Fountain Pen Day Activities: 

The best way to observe Fountain Pen Day is to go out and get yourself your very own fountain pen. Fountain pens can be had inexpensively as well, but don't be surprised if you find yourself starting to like more expensive pens and the designs that combines both beauty and function. So it is highly likely that you might start to like elegant and beautiful fountain pens. 

When was the last time when you used fountain pen or written in general? Words written with a fountain pen surely resonate differently than words penned with a ballpoint pen or any other normal pen. So make the use of this opportunity amd compose a letter to a dear friend or family with one, and let them feel special.

As said earlier that fountain pens makes a good collectible as well. You will surprised to find out that how many varieties of fountain pens are actually available. So this is the opportunity for you to start your own collection of these beautiful fountain pens. I mean collecting things is a nice hobby to actually have so why not start it with fountain pens then. 

Most Searched FAQs on Fountain Pen Day: 

1. When is Fountain Pen Day celebrated? 

Fountain Pen Day is annually celebrated on every first Friday of November. 

2. Are fountain pens good for everyday use? 

Yes, fountain pens can be used for everyday writing, calligraphy, sketching, as long as you get the right one that suits your needs.

3. What does a fountain pen symbolize? 

A fountain pen is generally associated with elegance, attention to detail, and the effort put into writing a document.

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