World Rivers Day 2022: HD Images, Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Learn about the significance of World Rivers Day, as well as use HD images, wishes, messages, and quotes to share and raise awareness about the day.

World Rivers Day is observed on the fourth Sunday of September each year, and this year it will be on September 25th. The main goal of observing the global event is to raise awareness about the importance of conserving and protecting rivers. The first World Rivers Day was observed in 2005, when Mark Angelo was the first to call for an annual World Rivers Day at the United Nations while addressing the Water for Life campaign.

The World Rivers Day is celebrated with a different theme each year, with the theme "Waterways in our Communities" in 2021, but the theme for World Rivers Day in 2022 has yet to be announced. Learn more about World Rivers Day, including its history, significance, and theme, by clicking here.

Event World Rivers Day
Date September 25, 2022
Day Sunday
Significance The goal of the day is to raise awareness about river conservation
Observed by World wide

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World Rivers Day 2022: HD Images

1. Let's work together on this World Rivers Day to protect our rivers from all the threats they are facing and celebrate World Rivers Day. 

2. The word "river" cannot be defined by just the five English alphabets, but it is the lifeline of thousands of people who are totally dependent on it every day. - Greetings on World Rivers Day. 

3. We should unite and speak out for the protection and conservation of rivers all around the world since even a small initiative can have a significant global impact. 

4. On this World Rivers Day, let's all work to maintain and conserve the rivers because they are both necessary for the current generation and will have a stronger impact on the subsequent generation. 

5. How horrible would it be to live in a world without rivers? So let's all try to save our lifeline and prevent the evil side from overtaking our future. #WorldRiversDay 

6. Wake up today and begin making contributions to the wellbeing of the next generation by saving the rivers today. Don't make a future where the world has to suffer for every drop of water. #WorldRiversDay

7. On this World Rivers Day, let's all demonstrate our responsibility as human beings and speak out for the protection of rivers because they are a treasure that provide a vital need for all living things: water. 

8. I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding. 

9. Who is not mesmerized by the sound of flowing water and the clean scent of rivers? Let's protect our rivers from dryness and sludge. Happy World Rivers Day!

10. Rivers seem to be magical. a magical, animated, and alive element of the planet. 


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World Rivers Day 2022: Quotes 

1. Life is just like the rivers sometimes it flows gently and sometimes it gets very rough and distrubing, thus there is a lot to learn from the rivers on this World Rivers Day. 

2. Humans are fighting themselves for land and power forgetting their duty of protecting the environment and the world's wildlife - #WorldRiversDay 

3. "The urgent and escalating threat posed by a changing climate is one problem that will shape the outlines of this century more starkly than any other." - Former President Barack Obama

4. "We must protect the rivers for our future generation we must protect the rivers for those who can’t speak for themselves such as the birds, animals, fish and trees."

5. "The untamed waterways where the forest extends its arms and the river sweeps the traveler into its embrace are my favorite locations on earth."

16. "Destroying the environment for the economic gain is like buring a renaissance painting to cook a meal."

7. "Ask India about its faith in the Ganges and their dependence on the water that rivers maintain flowing with them to determine the worth of rivers to those areas with dense populations."

8. "The biggest threat to the rivers is climate change and the world can only focus on it, if there are no wars, no pandemic and no human ego and desire for more." 

9. "There is a tremendous opportunity now to bring about change in the world because if the use of vital resources continues at the current rate, we should prepare ourselves for a more painful future."

10. #WorldRiversDay encourages people to appreciate rivers and preserve them as clean as they can because they are revered in many religions as gods. 

World Rivers Day 2022: Wishes and Messages 

1. It's not too late to fill those drought holes, therefore let's work together to prevent the globe from perishing from famine - #saverivers #WorldRiversDay

2. As a responsible tax payer, you can use social media platforms to make your voice heard not by thousands, but by billions, by using the hashtag #WorldRiversDay and participating in the global event. 

3. River is the treasure given by the gods, thus lets respect the gift and protect and conserve it for the future generation. 

4. Development is not intended to meet the needs of the current generation, but rather to meet the needs of both the present and future generations, allowing all of us to come together and support sustainable development. 

5. If you will pollute water, you can never aspect ot find clean drinking water. save environment and save our planet #WorldRiversDay.

6. We claim Nature to be our mother but we never take the responsibility of caring for her. 

7. Let us take a pledge on World Rivers Day to protect the environment, conserve rivers, and keep them clean. 

8. Let us return all that mother earth has given us, let us protect her by saving wildlife, trees, rivers, and the entire environment, and let us respect her kindness and care. #WorldRiversDay 

9. Even the smallest act to protect rivers can result in significant change. Let's conserve the lovely rivers for a lovely tomorrow! 

10. Every year, World Rivers Day shines a bright light on the importance of the world's rivers. Let's join forces to protect them on this joyous occasion. 
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