World Porridge Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

The World Porridge Day is annually celebrated on 10th October, the event is organized to raise funds for the charity Mary's Meals through porridge

The World Porridge Day is annually celebrated on October 10th and it is an international event related to porridge. The first of the days of this event was held in 2009. 

The event is organized to raise funds for the charity Mary's Meals, based in Argyll, Scotland in the United Kingdom to aid starving children in developing countries.

It uses the dish of porridge as a medium as porridge is very easily affordable and at the same time very nutritious too so that it can help very much in solving the hunger crisis of our world which affects large regions of least developed countries today. 

Event World Porridge Day
Date October 10, 2022
Day Monday
Significance This day promotes Porridge and healthy eating habits
Observed by World wide

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World Porridge Day History: 

Historically, porridge was a staple food in much of the world, including Europe and Africa, and it remains a staple food in many parts of the world today. It became more commonplace during the neolithic period. The dish has traditionally been closely associated with Scotland, possibly because oats can be successfully cultivated on marginal upland soils there. 

Before the 1600s the word ‘porridge’ was not used but the practice of grinding and cooking cereals in milk or water existed. This simple dish has been a popular staple in Scotland since medieval times. Up until the 1700s, porridge was considered to be the food of people with a lower economic status.

In 1775, Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote that oats were "a grain which in England is generally given to horses, but in Scotland supports the people." Oats were introduced to Scotland in about 600 AD, but traces of barley porridge have been found in pots excavated in the Outer Hebrides which have been dated back to even 2,500 years ago. 

World Porridge Day was founded by Mary’s Meals, a charitable organization in the United Kingdom that feeds more than 1.6 million children in 19 countries around the world. The first World Porridge Day was held in 2009 and, since then, the day has been celebrated to raise awareness for starving children in less developed countries.  

World Porridge Day Significance: 

Porridge is a food made by heating or boiling ground, crushed or chopped starchy plants, typically grain, in milk or water. It is often cooked or served with added flavourings such as sugar, honey, (dried) fruit or syrup to make a sweet cereal, or it can be mixed with spices, meat or vegetables to make a savoury dish. It is mostly served in a hot bowl and mostly to children as breakfast. 

The term "porridge" is often used specifically for oat porridge (oatmeal), which is typically eaten for breakfast with salt, sugar, fruit, milk, cream or butter and sometimes other flavorings. Oat porridge is also sold in ready-made or partly cooked form as an instant breakfast amd that's why it is a very popular breakfast food item at many places. 


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Whole grains in general are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, but porridge is especially great and is rich in zinc, copper, manganese, and iron. It is a great source of calcium too which is important for strengthening bones and teeth. Porridge is also high in beta-glucans which helps to keep the immune system strong by actually making your immune response smarter. Along with thse there are many health benefits of porridge as well. 

As porridge is very affordable and healthy so using it as a symbol Mary’s Meals hopes to give starving children the opportunity to get the education they duly deserve. Some of the successes recorded by the organization include improved school attendance and the elimination of absences attributed to hunger, reduced hunger among children at school, reduced levels of children dropping out of school, increased feelings of happiness at school, and decreased levels of anxiety due to hunger.

World Porridge Day Celebrations: 

Having a treat of a healthy portion of porridge is a great way to mark this day. Try out a new porridge recipe for a surprising taste and if you haven't tried a porridge in your life then this time it will be a whole new experience for you so definitely try to have a treat of some nice porridge on this day in celebrations of the day. 

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The celebration of World Porridge Day is to create awareness for raising funds to provide meals to children in less developed countries. So if possible then try to make some donation for this noble cause and also your part by making more and more people aware about it and encourage them to support this cause as well. 

Try to educate people about this issue as still many people aren't aware of the issue. So you can celebrate World Porridge Day by actively participating in conversations with people or groups both offline and online and if you want to do something by yourself for the cause then also through discussions with others it will greatly help you in achieving it so do try to spread the awareness about it. 

Most Searched FAQs on World Porridge Day: 

1. When is World Porridge Day celebrated? 

World Porridge Day is annually celebrated on 10th October. 

2. Who founded World Porridge Day? 

World Porridge Day was founded by Scotland-based charity called Mary's Meals in 2009. 

3. Why is porridge popular in Scotland? 

Oats have been a staple food in Scotland since medieval times. Climate conditions promoted the growth of crops such as oats, leading to its popularity among Scottish nationals.

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