World Pharmacists Day 2022: History, Significance and Theme

The World Pharmacists Day is celebrated annually on 25th September and it is a day dedicated to all the people working in the field of pharmaceutical

The World Pharmacists Day is celebrated annually on 25th September worldwide. It is Day dedicated to all of the pharmacists across the world and those people who work in the field of pharmaceuticals. 

But, who is a Pharmacist? 

They are healthcare professionals who practice in pharmacy. They are involved in all the medicines delivered to the patients and sell medicated over the counter. Also, pharmacist explains about the medicines prescribed by the doctor. To become a pharmacist he or she should have a degree in pharmacy so that they can understand the biochemical mechanisms of drugs, uses of drugs, therapeutic roles, side effects, potential drug interactions, and monitoring parameters.

So here we can see that the role of a physicist is very crucial in the functioning of our world today but it is seen that often their contributions are being neglected hence this day was created to admire and respect them. 

Event World Pharmacists Day
Date September 25, 2022
Day Sunday
Significance The day honors all pharmacists and those who work in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide
Observed by World wide


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World Pharmacists Day History: 

Historically, the fundamental role of pharmacists as a healthcare practitioner was to check and distribute drugs to doctors for medication that had been prescribed to patients. In more modern times, pharmacists advise patients and health care providers on the selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medications, and act as a learned intermediary between a prescriber and a patient. 

The art of pharmacy has existed in our world from a long time and it is evident because of the various historical records which have been found has a mention of it. Like there have been many Greek legends written centuries ago that spoke of gods being apothecaries or pharmacists. The Greek god of healing, Asclepius, delegated the compounding of his remedies to Hygieia, his apothecary or pharmacist. Not just Greeks but pharmiscts have been referenced across many cultures of the world. 

For the longest time, healing and pharmacy went hand-in-hand and were often thought of as the same practice. The line between pharmacy and medicine began to be defined by the eighth century and was firmly established by the time the 17th century rolled along. As by this time physicians could no longer prepare medications for their patients themselves. The field transformed yet again with the onslaught of World War II and came into the modern shape which we know today. 

World Pharmacist Day was created by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Council at the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009. 25 September is chosen as World Pharmacist Day because on this date FIP was formed in 1912. The main aim of this day is to encourage the role and activities that a pharmacist plays in improving health system in every part of the world.

World Pharmacists Day Significance: 

Today’s pharmacist performs multiple vital duties. Their tasks include identifying and providing people with the right medication, overseeing stocking and restocking of medicines, and staying ahead of medicine expiry dates. So you can see that's a lot of work and requires a lot of attention and efforts and trust me its not an easy job as you might think. 

Because things regarding medication are too crucial and a small mistake in prescription of it can lead in devastating impact over the patients body as he will have to suffer from various side effects and it can even result in death. So now you fan understand the magnitude of a responsibility that a pharmacist carries and if anything goes wrong he was the first one to get blamed for it by the patients as they buy medication directly through them. 


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But it rarely happens as most of the pharmacists are really efficient with their work and they also know that if anything goes wrong they are gonna be the one to be blamed so they put their massive efforts towards ensuring that they always gives the right prescription prescribed by the doctors. And it is not easy to be a pharmacist as well as one needs to have a sufficient information regarding medicines. 

Despite so much hard work that pharmacist goes through it is often seen that they are not paid respect as much for their work. Most of the time people usually forgets about them. Hence this day was created by FIP to spread awareness regarding this issue to the public and to encourage them to pay their respect amd offer tribute to all of the pharmacists around the world for their continuous efforts towards running of our medical system. 

World Pharmacists Day Theme: 

For every World Pharmacists Day every year there is a specific theme which is decided by the International Pharmaceutical Federation(FIP). 

The theme for this year's World Pharmacists Day 2022 is "Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world." 

This year’s theme aims to showcase pharmacy’s positive impact on health around the world and to further strengthen solidarity among the profession. As the world is still reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic and until it gets finished we can't be sure regarding the health safety of our world so it is urging all of the pharmacists around the world to play a vital role in helping people dealing with all the health problems and people's support for awareness regarding it is also required. 

Most Searched FAQs on World Pharmacists Day: 

1. When World Pharmacists Day is celebrated? 

World Pharmacists Day is annually celebrated on 25th September. 

2. Who created World Pharmacists Day? 

World Pharmacists Day was founded by International Pharmaceutical Federation(FIP) in 2009. 

3. What is the theme of World Pharmacists Day 2022? 

The theme of World Pharmacists Day 2022 is "Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world." 

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