National Sausage Pizza Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

Sausage Pizza is the second most popular pizza variety after the pepperoni pizza and it is also annually celebrated on 11th of October in the country

Are you aware of the fact that Sausage Pizza is the second most popular variety of pizza after the Pepperoni Pizza. So this mouth-watering and delicious pizza cuisine has already made a very big impact. 

To celebrate the rich delicacy and importance of sausage pizzas in our life, the United States celebrates its National Sausage Pizza Day annually on 11th October. 

National Sausage Pizza Day provides you the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself with the idea of boring pizza and try multiple types of this spicy and delicious topping in the form of these yummy sausage pizzas. 

Event National Sausage Pizza Day
Date October 10, 2022
Day Monday
Significance This day honors and celebrates the delicious Sausage Pizza
Observed by United States

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National Sausage Pizza Day History: 

In Sardinia, French and Italian archaeologists have found bread baked over upto 7,000 years ago. According to Philippe Marinval, the local islanders leavened this bread. Foods similar to pizza have been made since antiquity and there are many references and evidences which can be found surrounding them. 

In 16th-century Naples, a galette flatbread was referred to as a pizza and it was known as a dish for poor people, particularly as street food, and was not considered a kitchen recipe until much later. It was not until the Spanish brought the tomato from the Americas and developed the modern variation that Pizzas in their modern conception were invented. 

The innovation that led to flatbread pizza was the use of tomato as a topping. For some time after the tomato was brought to Europe from the Americas in the 16th century, it was believed by many Europeans to be poisonous. However, by the late 18th century, it was common for the poor of the area around Naples to add tomato to their yeast-based flatbread, and so the pizza began. 

In 1905, the first pizza establishment in the United States was opened in New York's Little Italy. Due to the influx of Italian immigrants, the U.S. has developed regional forms of pizza, some bearing only a casual resemblance to the Italian original and it is believed at this time only sausage pizzas started to become very popular among the masses and it still remains today. 


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National Sausage Pizza Day Significance: 

Sausage Pizza is the second most popular pizza in the world only behind the Pepperoni Pizza, and with so many variations available on sausages, there’s an endless number of types that can be deeply enjoyed. So this is a very versatile pizza which can be suited according to everyone's taste and needs and that's why it is loved by many. 

It is very astonishing that how in a very short time this variety of pizza became so popular in the country and then into the world. Well it is true that concept of putting sausages on pizza existed from a very long time probably from the start of the pizza only but it was only in the modern century when sausage pizza became popular among the masses and still remains today.

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There are as many types of sausage available for pizza today, including beef sausage, chicken sausage, and of course the classic pork sausage. Each of these can be made with apples, fennel, cheese, garlic, black pepper, red pepper flakes, and a plethora of other ingredients that can change a simple sausage into a delicious meal. 

Sausages and pizza is that type of combination which initially was thought to be strange among the pizza enthusiasts however after tasting it they realized that this combination actually works very well with each other. And thus National Sausage Pizza Day gives an opportunity to all of the pizza lovers to appreciate one of the most popular version of pizzas which is sausage pizza. 

National Sausage Pizza Day Celebrations: 

Well what can be a much better way to celebrate this day than treating yourself a nice slice of a sausage pizza. As said earlier that sausage pizza is very versatile with many types of it so there is something for everyone according to their taste. So don't forget to enjoy the rich taste of sausage pizzas. 

This is a great day to gather family or friends and head over to a pizza joint! Whether a deep-dish Chicago style or a thin crust New York-style, sausage pizza covers it all. While doing this you will also get a nice moment to share with your family or friends that will be remembered forever. 

It is said that some of the best pizzas in the world are made in the confined kitchens. So try your hands at making sausage pizza by yourself. Take it as a challenge for the day and make a sausage pizza all according to your desires and flavors for it. Even if you are not that good at cooking you can still make a sausage pizza easily while looking at some of the available recipes. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Sausage Pizza Day: 

1. When is National Sausage Pizza Day celebrated? 

National Sausage Pizza Day is annually celebrated on October 11th in US. 

2. What is sausage in pizza made of? 

Mostly Italian sausage is used in pizza which is made with ground pork and flavored with fennel, garlic, and red pepper, or sweet basil.

3. Do you cook sausage before putting it on pizza? 

Pizzas usually don't take very long to bake, and the bake time is really to crisp the dough and melt the cheese. Raw meats like sausage, chicken, or bacon usually won't cook through in the short baking time, so they should be precooked.

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