National Hug a Drummer Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

In the United States the National Hug a Drummer Day is annually celebrated on October 10th with an aim to appreciate and encourage drummers!

In the United States, the National Hug a Drummer Day is annually celebrated on 10th October and this day is celebrated with an aim to encourage and appreciate all of the drummers for their hardwork and contribution in music. 

Behind every song that stirs your soul, there’s a drummer keeping a beat. Whether you listen to pop, rock, jazz, country, hip-hop or soul, it’s a drummer who makes all your favorite songs get up and move.

But despite their very important role it is seen that most of the time focuses of people only remain towards the singer or guitarist of any hand while the drummer is often forgotten hence this day was created in respect of all the drummers. 

Event National Hug a Drummer Day
Date October 10, 2022
Day Monday
Significance This day is celebrated to honor and appreciate Drummer all arround the world.
Observed by United States

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National Hug a Drummer Day History: 

Drums made with alligator skins have been found in Neolithic cultures located in China, dating to a period of 5500–2350 BC. In literary records, drums manifested shamanistic characteristics and were often used in ritual ceremonies. So this clearly shows that drum have remained a very important musical instrument throughout the human history from a very long time. 

That's why drums have remained a very important part if various cultures as well like in the African, native Americans and Asuan cultures. Drums were mostly used for religious or cultural processions like marriages or funerals by these cultures and still it continues today in many cultures of the world. So drum is not just a musical instrument but it is also a very important cultural aspect for many societies. 

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However the first modern drum kit was invented only in 1909 when William Ludwig opened a company and patented the kick-drum pedal, leading to the first "drum kit" as we know it today.​ During the Dixieland era, space and money constraints led bands to consolidate their drums in one space so that one percussionist could play them all. Soon drums became a very important musical instrument throughout the world especially for musical bands. 

Drummer Chick Webb formed a band in Harlem in 1926, making him the first prominent bandleader who played the drums. This paved the way for recognition of the modern celebrity drummer. Then in 1979, Modern Drummer Magazine created the first Hall of Fame specifically for drummers, inducting big-band phenomenon Gene Krupa as its first member. 


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National Hug a Drummer Day Significance: 

Drumming is great cardio and can burn more calories in half an hour than swimming, hiking, or weight lifting. So yes along with fun playing musical instrument the exercise of drumming is very healthy for you too. Hence the art of drumming should never be looked upon and the ones who are playing it which means the drummers must be given all of the love and respect for their work. 

This day is important because drummers are often looked down upon as crude, unskilled, and unmusical. Research shows, however, that their dexterity and coordination rivals that of any musician, and they actually score higher in abstract reasoning and problem-solving than many other types of musicians. So people needs to aware about it and should always admire the drummers for their skills. 

Drumming also affects physical health greatly than almost any other musical instrument. Hearing difficulties are very common amongs the drummers because of it. A study by the Percussive Arts society found that more than half of professional drummers suffer from tinnitus and other physical problems like backpain, hearing issues are also common among the drummers especially at initial stages of their career. Hence we need to acknowledge the difficulties that drummers face. 

Despite playing a vital role in popular music, drummers typically earn less pay, have fewer performances and composition credits to their names, and achieve less popular recognition than other musicians. Hence they deserve more recognition than they get and that's the motive of this day as well. 

National Hug a Drummer Day: 

As the name suggests this day is about showing some love and affection to any drummer which you knows. So what you are waiting for now go out and give a lovely hug to any of your known drummer be it amateur or professional to show that how much you respect his/her art. If possible also try to gift some gifts to drummers! 

It is well known that many public schools suffer from lack of funds in their art programs, and drum equipment is generally expensive. So make a donation to your local school district's music program to help the next generation of drummers so that they cam develop their skills and can think of developing a career in drumming. 

The art of drumming has a long, rich history shaped by many towering figures. Pick up some records or surf the Internet, and bask in the talents of history  and from the present. In this way you will get to indulge into the world of drumming and because of it you will be able appreciate the art of drumming even more with proper understanding of it. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Hug a Drummer Day: 

1. When is National Hug a Drummer Day celebrated? 

National Hug a Drummer Day is annually celebrated on October 10th in US. 

2. Are drummers happy? 

Several scientific studies have shown that playing drums can provide a measurable impact on stress relief, cardio health and general happiness.

3. What do drums symbolize? 

In different cultures the drum is a sacred tool connecting heaven and earth, and for maintaining the rhythm of the world order. 

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