National Bathtub Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

Bathtubs or taling bath are one of the most common and necessary for hygiene thing which human beings practice all over the world

Have you ever got the feeling of mot taking a bath for a day or two, then you will realise that how bad it feels without going on a bath and it can be very dangerous for our health also if we ignore bath! 

But which is the thing which makes bathing possible for us and yes you are thinking it right we are talking about our lovely bathtubs which makes bathing both much convenient and fun for us. 

Hence on this National Bathtub Day which falls annually on 7th October in United States get ready to roll out your bathtubs and have a nice and long bath in order to celebrate this unique day. 

Event National Bathtub Day
Date October 7, 2022
Day Friday
Significance The day celebrates the advantages of bathing
Observed by United States


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National Bathtub Day History: 

Despite the fact that plumbing systems for bathing existed as far back as 3300 BCE, it was not until approximately 1700 BCE that the first bathtub of any sort was found. This was in Crete. In terms of modern bathtubs.that we use today, the first was invented in England in 1828.

Early bathtubs in England tended to be made of cast iron, or even tin and copper with a face of paint applied that tended to peel with time. The Scottish-born inventor David Buick invented a process for bonding porcelain enamel to cast iron in the 1880s while working for the Alexander Manufacturing Company in Detroit. The company, as well as others including Kohler Company and J. L. Mott Iron Works, began successfully marketing porcelain enameled cast-iron bathtubs. 

The clawfoot tub, which reached the apex of its popularity in the late 19th century, had its origins in the mid 18th century, when the ball and claw design originated in the Netherlands, possibly artistically inspired by the Chinese motif of a dragon holding a precious stone. The design spread to England, where it found much popularity among the aristocracy, just as bathing was becoming increasingly fashionable.

In the latter half of the 20th century, the once popular clawfoot tub morphed into a built-in tub with a small apron front. This enclosed style afforded easier maintenance and, with the emergence of colored sanitary ware, more design options for the homeowner. The Crane Company introduced colored bathroom fixtures to the United States market in 1928, and slowly this influx of design options and easier cleaning and care led to the near demise of clawfoot-style tubs.

National Bathtub Day Significance: 

The invention of bathtubs was much more crucial then you think as it was revolutionary in making bathing a common practice among the common households throughout the world. As earlier people were not that aware of the importance of taking a bath and in return this caused major hygiene problems which increased the spread of diseases among the people and hence the introduction of bathtubs were very important for our society. 

Bathtubs are available in many types, giving you a large degree of flexibility depending on the needs of your household. Freestanding bathtubs are ideal for all users as their material is generally high quality and they can be easily placed anywhere in your bathroom. Drop-in bathtubs are ideal for all bathrooms as they can be made to fit a small or large space.

Families with young children will benefit the most from having a bathtub as it is great for kids and the parents. Children cannot use showers or anything tall, so bathtubs are great for parents to assist their children while they bathe. Bathtubs tend to be quite large so they can easily accommodate an adult and a few children at a time.

Soaking provides many great health and wellness benefits. The combination of warm water over long periods of time can help to reduce stress which simultaneously relaxes your muscles. High stress can lead to an increase of muscle tension and other unhealthy side-effects such as weight gain, so a nice soaking bath can be the answer for a positive change for your health.


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National Bathtub Day Activities: 

The best way to celebrate National Bathtub Day is to make sure that you have the most relaxing bath ever of your life. There are so many ways through which you can make your bathtub as relaxing as possible. This includes filling your bath with epsom salts, essential oils, or bubbles. You can also listen to music, turn the lights down, light some candles, and enjoy a glass of wine while taking a bath. 

To ensure that your bath is as beneficial as possible, think about the different things that you can do to improve your skin and relax while you are taking a bath. These things includes taking care of your skin and body through various beauty or care products like by applying a face mask or any new type of face wash or lotion on your body. 

You can also mark the celebrations of this day by purchasing a new bathtub. I mean when was the last time when you purchased a bathtub so this is the right opportunity for you to grab a new one as bathtubs are available in many different varieties as well so think for a moment and choose the best bathtub for yourself. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Bathtub Day: 

1. When is National Bathtub Day celebrated? 

National Bathtub Day is annually celebrated on 7th October in US. 

2. Is bath day a thing? 

International Bath Day is annually celebrated on 14th June. 

3. What happens if you don't take a bath for a month? 

Going months without bathing can lead to dermatitis neglecta (DN), a condition where brown patches of dead cells, dirt, sweat, and grime form on the skin.

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