Johnny Appleseed Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

The man, the myth, the legend Johnny Appleseed is celebrated annually on his birthday, he is known for introducing apples to America!

John Chapman better known as Johnny Appleseed is considered among one of the American legend, he was a nurseryman who is credited for introducing apples to the United States as he was the first one to plant apple trees in the nation. 

We all know that how loved apples are today! Infact they are among the most popular fruit in the country and the world as well. That's why Johnnny Appleseed is such a hero in American folklore. 

Johnny Appleseed was truly a living legend through his various contributions and that's why to honor him we celebrates Johnny Appleseed Day annually on his birthday on 26th September. 

Event Johnny Appleseed Day
Date September 26, 2022
Day Monday
Significance The day honors John Chapman better known as Johnny Appleseed
Observed by United States


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Johnny Appleseed Day History: 

John Chapman was born on September 26, 1774, in Leominster, Massachusetts, he was the second child of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Chapman. His birthplace has a granite marker, and the street is now called Johnny Appleseed Lane.

Johnny Appleseed has a popular image of spreading apple seeds randomly everywhere he went. In fact, he planted nurseries rather than orchards, built fences around them to protect them from livestock, left the nurseries in the care of a neighbor who sold trees on shares, and returned every year or two to tend the nursery. He planted his first nursery on the bank of Brokenstraw Creek, south of Warren, Pennsylvania.

In 1817, a bulletin of the Church of New Jerusalem printed in Manchester, England, was the first to publish a written report about Chapman. It described a missionary who traveled around the West to sow apple seeds and pass out books of the New Church. And this was the moment when Johnny Appleseed came into limelight and ultimately became a living legend. 

He introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Ontario, as well as the northern counties of present-day West Virginia. He became an American legend while still alive, due to his kind, generous ways, his leadership in conservation, and the symbolic importance he attributed to apples. When he later died on March 18th, 1845 he left an estate of over 1,200 acres of valuable nurseries to his sister. 

Johnny Appleseed Day Significance: 

You might be wondering that how by planting apple trees Johnny Appleseed had become such a legend that even today we remembers his legacy. Well it is also because of his generous and kind character and his seriousness towards his love for apples not just that he planted apple trees. 

Apples were one of the things that the new world borrowed from the old world and hence it was big deal back then to introduce a new kind of plant from other part of the world to being into the Americas and later turning it into a large industry in the country and that's what Johnny Appleseed accomplished. 

Appleseed was a religious man and he once even worked as a missionary for the church and Native Americans also regarded as someone who have been touched by the 'Great Spirit'. He was a a vegetarian throughout his life and never married as he believed that he would find his soulmate in Heaven if she did not appear to him on Earth. 

It was the character of Johnny Appleseedwhich made him so legendary. As he was believed to have a pure soul and there are many popular stories regarding it one of them states that once he even refused to hurt a fly or mosquito in which he remarked "God forbid that I should build a fire for my comfort, that should be the means of destroying any of his creatures." So stories like this tells how good by heart he was! 


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Johnny Appleseed Day Celebrations: 

It is famously said that, "an apple a day keeps a doctor away" so why don't follow this quote and have a piece of apple on this Johnny Appleseed Day to celebrate his legacy by treating yourself with his favorite fruit. Aplle itself is very healthy and tasty so why not taste it. 

Learn more about the life and stories of Johnny Appleseed! There are many popular and fascinating stories regarding Johnny Appleseed which depicts his character perfectly, we have told you just one so now it is time for you learn more about him and his legacy by learning more such very heartwarming stories of him. 

If possible then try to visit Leominster, Massachusetts, which is the home to the Johnny Appleseed Visitors Center, the Johnny Appleseed Arts & Culture Festival and, of course, Johnny Appleseed Lane which is the birthplace of the man himself. So do pay a visit to pay a tribute to this legend on his birthday. 

Most Searched FAQs on Johnny Appleseed Day: 

1. When is Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated? 

Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated annually on 26th September. 

2. Why do we celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day? 

We celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day to honor the legacy of Johnny Appleseed who planted apple trees throughout his life in the country. 

3. How long do apple trees live? 

Standard apple and pear trees can easily live for over 50 years, whereas dwarf and semi-dwarf trees may only live for 15-25 years.

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