Iraq Independence Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

The middle eastern country of Iraq celebrates its Independence Day annually on 3rd October as on this day it became independent from British in 1932

The middle-eastern country of Iraq celebrates its Independence Day annually on 3rd of October as on this day it got independent from the British Empire in 1932. 

It is also known as the National Iraqi Day and it is designated as a public holiday in Iraq which means all offices, organizations, post offices, educational institutions, and major markets remains closed on this day. 

This day is celebrated with great passion, joy and enthusiasm by the people of Iraq. Although the country has gone through some very terrible times and still it is going through many crisis in the country but this day gives a chance to all Iraqis to celebrate the spirit of their nation. 

Event Iraq Independence Day
Date October 3, 2022
Day Monday
Significance The day commemorates Iraq's independence from the British Empire in 1932
Observed by Iraq


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Iraq Independence Day History: 

Iraq might appear as a modern country as it only got its independence from Britain in 1932 and earlier than that it was under Ottoman Empire for a very long time. But the history of Iraq goes much further back in time and it is home to some of the earliest and advanced human civilizations known to us which included civilizations like Mesopotamia, Babylonia, etc. 

The history of modern Iraq began in 1831 when the Ottomans gained control of the territory and establishing it as a valuable outpost of their empire. The region was not known as Iraq then, only a collection of three provinces which were Basra, Baghdad, and Mosul were collectively called Mesopotamia by the British. The end of World War I brought about the victory of the United Kingdom over the Ottoman Empire and thus Iraq came under British occupation. 

In 1920, the former Ottoman provinces of Baghdad, Mosul, and Basra became a League of Nations mandate under direct British control, known as the British Mandate for Mesopotamia. The new government provoked reactions from Iraqi people who disliked the imposition of British rule over them. In that same year, protests broke out in Baghdad, with large gatherings at Sunni and Shia mosques, which led to an armed rebellion of Iraqi people against the British forces. 

During these revolutions British aircrafts engaged during the uprising and were successful in quelling the revolt. However, the revolution subsequently led to the signing of the Anglo-Iraqi Treaty in 1922 which was an agreement signed between the British and the Iraqi government that allowed Iraq to have Iraqi rulers but under the British sovereignty over the nation’s foreign policy. The treaty would work out as foundation for Iraq’s complete independence from the British Empire. 

As a result in 1921, Faisal I bin Al-Hussein became King of Iraq. He was appointed by the British to lead as a means of a safe compromise. Although Hussein was a British ally, he was also a man of the people. His family lineage could be traced back to the famed Prophet Muhammad, and he also partook in the 1916 Arab revolt against the Ottomans. On October 3, 1932, the Kingdom of Iraq became a sovereign state under the leadership of King Faisal.

Iraq Independence Day Significance: 

Since its independence from the British Empire the journey of this young nation hasn't been that good as it has gone through multiple coups, political crisis, terrorist insurgencies and civil wars throughout its history also as recent. Right now also it is going through a low level insurgency and a political crisis. 

But despite all of the sufferings that this nation has seen Independence Day is seen as a day of hope for this country. Iraq is a country of more than 40 million people and due to its problems it is still considered a developing country with high level of instability so this Independence Day works as an inspiration to all of the Iraqis to see a light through darkness as in history also they have faced much bigger challenges and had come back stronger. 

This is also a memorial day for all of the Iraqis to pay tribute to their ancestors, leaders and heroes who have always stood against injustice and even during the most difficult times never lost hope and always cared about their people. So it is a day on which Iraqis remembers the sacrifice made by their ancestors and the bravery which they shown time to time for their rights. 

This day also works as a motivation and inspirational day for all the Iraqis that the destiny of their country is now rests on their hands and they have the responsibility to take their country forward by taking it oir from all of the crisis first and then developing it better so that the future generations of the country can feel much more happy and proud of being Iraqis. 

At last this day also gives a chance to all of the Iraqis to take pride in their identity and provides them an opportunity to celebrate their unique culture and people with full joy, enthusiasm and love for the nation. It encourages Iraqis this day of their life without any tension and just enjoy of their identity as Iraqis so this day also gives a message of unity and brotherhood among the fellow Iraqis. 


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Iraq Independence Day Celebrations: 

The people of Iraq celebrate this joyous occasion of Independence Day with military and civilian parades all across the country with various ceremonies taking places which are marked with speeches from political leaders and other government officials and official celebrations in every city, town, and village of the country. 

The Iraqi flag which is their symbol of identity, is proudly put on display, waved in parades, and hoisted on buildings on this day. Flag works as a symbol for representing their love towards the nation. Hence on this day people are encouraged to wave and hoist the national flags and the flag hoisting ceremonies takes place at every public places and buildings. 

Official ceremonies of this day takes place at the capital city of Baghdad where we can also witness the famous military parade and here Iraqis from all over the country comes to visit the official ceremonies for this day which are performed by the leader of Iraq. All of these ceremonies are also broadcasted live on TV and other streaming platforms for all of the Iraqis to witness it. 

It is a public holiday so people likes to enjoy their day by spending sine quality time with their families by doing many activities on this day and one if them includes food! During this day people tends to taste rich Iraqian cuisine which includes dishes like Mashgouf, Dolma, Torshana, Halawa Dhin, Mosul Kubba, etc. 

The closure ceremonies of this day begins at the evening in the form of fireworks all across the country during which the skies of Iraq gets lit up with bright and colorful fireworks and this offers a spectacular view for the observes and it is truly an amazing sight to witness. 

Most Searched FAQs on Iraq Independence Day: 

1. When is Iraq Independence Day celebrated? 

Iraq Independence Day is annually celebrated on 3rd October. 

2. From whom did Iraq got its independence? 

Iraq got its independence from United Kingdom. 

3. What is the official language of Iraq? 

Arabic and Kurdish are declared as the official languages of Iraq. 

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