World Letter Writing Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

Some people say letter writing is dying because of technology so let's celebrates it on 1st September and preserve this letter writing culture

Can you remember the last time when you penned down a letter to someone for communicating and we are not talking about e-mail or any digital letter but of physical letter on paper. 

I mean we still use books and pens for writing today but most of the time they are for study and managing purposes and like we never use writing letters for communicating with our loved ones. 

Because of the continuous advancement in technology the letter writing culture is slowly dying out. And thus to promote awareness and encourage people to keep thos tradition alive by practicing letter writing. 

Event World Letter Writing Day
Date September 1, 2022
Day Thursday
Significance Encourages the use of actual paper for letter writing
Observed by World wide


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World Letter Writing Day History: 

The practice of letter writing itself has existed for centuries and was present in ancient Egypt and Greece times also. At that time though, letters were written on materials such as metal, lead, wax-coated wooden tablets, pottery fragments, animal skin, and similar other things. 

But later the invention of paper in China was the turning point for the entire world and thus writing on paper became popular all over. However still was used exclusively by the elite class for a long time until the printing presses were introduced and paper printing became very very cheap and affordable for all of the common people as well and thus they became very prominent way of communication back then. 

And it remained so until the introduced of telephones and later mobile phones till the mid-20ty century and thus letter writing has played a very important role in our world especially towards evolution of communication technology over the time. And because of the love letters and other letters for work too this practice was very important for people back then to communicate with their loved ones or subjects for work purposes. 

The World Letter Writing Day was created in 2004 by Australian author, artist and photographer Richard Simpkin. It all started when he began writing to individuals whom he considered as Australian Legends. He always adored writing letters and this felt a need to honor it on a special day. 

World Letter Writing Day Significance: 

The World Letter Writing Day pays a tribute and recognizes the important role that letter writing has played in our human history and at the same time this day encourages people around the world to take interest in letter writing and help in keeping the tradition of letter writing alive. 

Although now are totally surrounded by technology but still people uses paper writing like many people still keeps their personal diary to write their daily lives activities and in accountancy also people still use books to keep their records regarding business. And in study purpose too people mostly use paper writing only especially school students. However we hardly use paper writing for communicating nowadays. 

And the things that we have mentioned that people still uses paper or letter writing is also slowly getting replaced by their alternative digital mediums. So it is speculated that letter writing traditional could die out in very near future only. 

So to keep this tradition of letter writing alive this day is celebrated. As it encourages the people to give some time for letter writing also and it is good for your mind as well as it known that writing is a very good exercise as well and it helps in reducing your stress level as well. 


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World Letter Writing Day Activities: 

Try to remember when was the last time that you wrote a letter to your friend or love one, can't remember right so why don't you use this World Letter Writing Day as an opportunity to do this. Yeah it is time to go old fashioned for atleast a moment so do try this experience and also note the reaction given by receiver on this. 

The current generation might not know how to write a letter and mail it in the form of the post. If you come across someone like that, use this day to teach them the process and don't ignore it as it is a very great contribution made by you towards preserving the letter writing culture. 

There are many prominent letters written by many important historical figures throughout our world and these letters are very popular too so do learn about these letters and read them, this way you can understand the magnitude of importance of letters in the past. 

Most Searched FAQs on World Letter Writing Day: 

1. When is World Letter Writing Day is celebrated? 

World Letter Writing Day is annually celebrated on 1st September worldwide. 

2. Is letter writing dying? 

Because of the advancement of technology  which has happened over the world, it is safe to say the tradition of letter writing is dying.

3. Who created World Letter Writing Day? 

The World Letter Writing Day was created by Australian author, artist and photographer Richard Simpkin. 

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