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National Radio Day 2022: History, Significance and Facts

Radio was once one of the most used technology of the world still it is far from over so let's celebrate this incredible device on National Radio Day

Radio which was once the most used technology in the world and it is still far from over as still it is used today though on a small scale and to ensure that it continues forever we observes National Radio Day! 

The United States celebrates its National Radio Day annually on 20th August in order to appreciate and recognize the contribution that radio has played in evolving our technology that we have today. 

Along with celebrating its impact on our history this day also encourages the people to listen to some radio activity as well so that the tradition of radio can be kept alive. 

Event National Radio Day
Date August 20, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance Recognizes and honors the contributions of radio
Observed by United States


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National Radio Day History: 

Whoever we think of radio Gugliemo Marconi comes first to our mind however it was Nikola Tesla first to reportedly demonstrate the first prototype of a radio in 1893 long before Marconi. 

However the process of the development of radio spanned for decades as small but significant contributions made by various people throughout the times like in 1880s Heinrich Rudolph Hertz first discovered the radio waves. Although it took a bit of time after the discovery of the radio for the technology to be used for communication purposes as the inventors hadn't realized how to use radiowaves as a system for communication as many more components were needed to transmit and detect electrical waves. 

The Public radio broadcasting was first started by Lee de Forest. He transmitted the first public radio broadcast which featured the voices of the opera singers in 1910. Then his own company went on to manufacture the first commercial radios for the public. 

Then soon radio started to broadcast music and it was huge for the music industry as it completely changed the industry and helped in increasing its revenue. Later radio was used for broadcasting news and sports event. Not just that during the Great depression President Roosevelt also used radio as a way to communicate and guide the people through his "Fireside Chats". 

Then the FM service was first introduced in the year of 1939. In the modern era to keep radios relevant too the first online radio station called HK radio was introduced in 1995. 

National Radio Day Significance: 

When the radio was first introduced it was regarded as one of he most revolutionary invention that human beings habmvs ever seen as it was the first medium of communication for the people as now they were able to listen all the news, sports, music and get to know about all the major events happening. 

And radio was very medium of communication between the state and it's people too and it also provided a great platform for all music artists to present their art on radio. During the war times also radio was the only way of communication for the soldiers that time. 

Radio is not dead yet as still radio stations are daily listened by a large number of users. And even for other purposes like in military use also radio signals are used for communication where internet or other services are either not available or their signal is poor. 


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This day also aims to raise awareness regarding the important role that radio has played in changing our world through its communication technology and at the same time also encourages the people to listen to some radio activity so that the tradition of radio listening can be kept alive. 

National Radio Day Facts: 

Now let's learn some interesting and very fascinating facts regarding radio and radio technology: 

  1. The word 'broadcasting' actually comes from farming where it means 'wide scattering of seeds'. 
  2. The sinking of Titanic in 1912 mandated the use of radio at sea.  
  3. Radio waves goes on forever so that they are even emitted by planets. 
  4. 164 songs were banned from the radio after 9/11 as they were regarded as insensitive to the incident. 
  5. The most powerful radio in history is Cincinnati's WLW as it broadcasted at 700 KHz. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Radio Day: 

1. When is National Radio Day is celebrated? 

National Radio Day is celebrated annually on 20th August in the US. 

2. When was FM service in radio station was introduced? 

FM service in the radio station for the first time appeared in 1939. 

3. What is the full form of FM? 

Frequency Modulation. 

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