Liptember 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

Liptember is a worldwide campaign which encourages women to use lipsticks as symbolism to show support towards women's mental health issue

Liptember as you can guess here refers to the Lips+September and that's why it is celebrated throughout the month of September every year worldwide. 

Liptember is an awareness campaign which encourages the ladies around the world to flaunt with bright colors of lipsticks during this month as a symbolism tactic so that the world focused can be brought upon the issue of the women's mental health issues and its importance. 

Their ultimate goal is to raise awareness and funds for the issue, and it’s easy to register online and receive support from friends and family. Just for wearing lipstick! So a very unique and interesting way for a social cause. 

Event Liptember
Date of Start September 1, 2022
Day of Start Thursday
Significance Supports the women mental health with the shades of the lispstic
Observed by World wide


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Liptember History: 

Throughout our human history tell us that women's mental health issue have been ignored around the world for a very long time and there are many examples for it that we can find across many different cultures of the world as well. 

Let's talk about the Ancient Egyptians first and why not they are considered as the earliest civilization but their treatment of women was more or less very poor to be fair especially in women's mental health problems. As they had a very popular belief too in 1900 BC that women with poor mental health were suffering from “spontaneous uterus movement.” This was thought to be cured by wafting scents towards the vagina and uterus! So they had plenty of wrong beliefs and blaming women for their suffering. 

The Ancient Greeks too were not very different as they also blamed women for their suffering and neglected women's mental health issues. Like one prominent physician at that time believed that emotional conditions in women were due to “uterine melancholy". So yeah a lot of false beliefs and always finding an excuse to not deal with women's mental health problems. 

And the things were much worse during the medieval times when women who had mental health issues were treated with discrimination and they were also called as witches and in many cases were even killed. Although the modern times have brought change because of the advancements in medical science and people started taking mental health issues seriously for both men and women. 

The liptember was finally founded in 2010 dedicated to raising funds and awareness for women’s mental health, Liptember was able to raise $55,000 for its inaugural year. 

Liptember Significance: 

The message to take women's mental health seriously had been already told through the times before so the Liptember campaign tried to do something else to get the attention of the people regarding this issue as people often doesn't takes interest or ignores these types of serious campaigns. 

And so they came up with an idea to encourage women around the world to flaunt in their lipsticks throughout all of the month of September and in this way by celebrating the beauty it can used for catching attention and then it can start a conversation on women's mental health. 

Even it becomes easy for women to discuss about the issues in a very fun-loving way and not just full serious and dark and every year the number of people who are joining this campaign is increasing so it seeks to be working well. 

So what are you waiting for now,  Liptember is a very unique and great concept dedicated for a very noble cause so you also do play your part by joining this campaign as it is very convenient you can join it from Liptember official website and play a part for this noble cause. 


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Liptember Celebrations: 

To show your support towards this liptember campaign is to pop up a lipstick throughout the month and obviously girls are asked to perform this task. As this is the motive of this day as well to raise awareness for women's mental health through lipsticks. 

Take care of your own mental health and the mental health of others who are close to you. Today the world is suffering with many issues and these issues can lead severe cause of depression and anxiety so it is better to be preventive these days. So do keep an eye regarding it. 

Don't forget to be a member of this campaign too and posts about it on social media through hashtag of #Liptember and play your part in increasing awareness and getting more support from people into this very crucial awareness campaign. 

Most Searched FAQs on Liptember: 

1. When is Liptember is observed? 

The whole month of September is dedicated for the Liptember campaign. 

2. Where is Liptember created? 

The Liptember campaign was started in Australia and now it is celebrated globally. 

3. Where do the funds raised by Liptember go? 

A variety of organizations, including the Centre for Women’s Mental Health, Lifeline, Batyr, The Jean Hailes Foundation, the Pretty Foundation, etc. All benefits from the funds raised during Liptember.

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