Kiss and Make Up Day 2022: History, Significance and Activities

The Kiss and Make Up Day is annually celebrated on 25th August in US with a motive solve grudges among the people & to celebrate time with a loved one

Kiss and Make Up Day is a day which celebrates the end of a grudge and it is Day which tries to encourage people to end a dispute and fight against each other and also encourages people to spend time and offer kiss to their lovely partners. 

The Kiss and Make Up Day is celebrated annually on 25th August in the United States. 

And this day was created by a woman named Jacqueline Milton to re-examine old relationships and find ways to repair them. 

Event Kiss and Make Up Day
Date August 25, 2022
Day Thursday
Significance The day celebrates love and encourages people to celebrate it together by putting an end to all disagreements and fighting
Observed by United States


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Kiss and Make Up Day History: 

The tradition of kissing and making up after a feud or a fight is very ancient and there are several records which says that  forgiving or resolving issues always is a best thing to do and has always given good results. 

The earliest evidence of kissing can be found in India during 1500 B.C. as stated by various ancient texts and writings. After that it became popular among the Greeks and then got very popular in the Roman times also and today it is one of the most popular way to show affection and love to your lived ones especially to your partners. 

And we have seen many examples of forgiveness throughout the history that have been regarded as one of the greatest act done by humanity.  We have seen that sometimes those nations who were sworn enemies once have very good terms now. 

Most recent example for this we can take the world wars only as France and Britain who were sworn enemies worked together as friends during both these wars. And during the war also Germany and other European powers who were enemies have very god terms now and like Japan and US who were sworn enemies so much that US even dropped bombs on them but now they have good terms. All these examples shows us that it is never too late to amend terms. 

Kiss and Make Up Day Significance: 

In recent years we have seen a more upward trend in the stress level of people in the modern society because of workload or other social issues. And sometimes this stress evolves into aggressive behaviour shown by people which ultimately leads into a fight with someone you love or know very well. 

And a strain relationship with your loved ones is never good for both of your mental and physical health and thus there is an urgent need to resolve it right there only and this is the only message which this day tries to convey to all the people. 

As said earlier it is never too late to amend your terms with your loved ones or with a person that you know. And if it is the love of your life then you needs to be extra careful as this is about your life partner we are talking about and you certainly don't want to be alone in your life journey. And what could be better to amend your terms with a gentle kiss. 


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Kiss and Make Up Day Activities: 

First get on a chair or table at your house and think about all of your friends and the relationship that you had and examine if you ever hurt anyone mistakingly or even knowingly and think about the ones with whom you haven't talked for a long time or those with whom you have a strain relationship. 

After gaining the information about it the next thing which you must do is you need to go and pay a visit to them if you don't know there location then do try to find it whether you will find or not its nor upto you but don't ignore it. And then pay a visit to that person give him/her a warm hug first and say all what's in your heart and amend your terms. 

Well if it's your partner or your love then it is even better as you can use this day as an excuse to revamp your relationship with your partner well if you wants to then you can ask for forgiveness or give forgiveness to amend your terms with him/her to restart your lovely relationship. 

If you don't have any strain relationship with anyone then you can celebrate this day by showing a little more care and affection to your loved ones. 

Most Searched FAQs on Kiss and Make Up Day: 

1. When is Kiss and Make Up Day is celebrated? 

Kiss and Make Up Day is annually celebrated on 25th August in the US. 

2. Are there other national holidays about kissing? 

Yes there is as National Kissing Day falls on June 22 and International Kissing Day falls on July 6. 

3. Who started Kiss and Make Up Day? 

Kiss and Make Up Day was started by a woman named Jacqueline Milton. 

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