Independence Day 2022: Top Patriotic Songs - Desh Bhakti Geet for School and Colleges

Learn about the significance of Independence Day and use the mentioned Patriotic song to participate in this year's massive celebration on August 15th

This year, India will mark the 76th anniversary of its independence from the British Empire on August 15th. For nearly two centuries, India was dominated by the British, until finally, after a long struggle for independence, India gained independence in 1947. On Independence Day, you can see a major celebration all across the country with a massive cultural event, where the public expresses its patriotism by hosting the tricolor and commemorating all the independence fighters for their contributions to the Independence cause.

Event Independence Day
Date August 15, 2022
Day Monday
Significance The day honors India's Independence Day
Observed by India


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To commemorate the great celebration of Independence Day, and to demonstrate your true patriotism, we have included a number of Patriotic songs or Desh Bahakti Geet that you can utilize to celebrate or demonstrate your true patriotism on Independence Day.

1. Teri Mitti 


The popular patriotic song "Teri Mitti" comes from the film "Kesari," which stars Akshay Kumar in the lead role, and was performed by B Parak. The song is considered pop culture because of its widespread use in expressing patriotism for the country, and it is still on the playlists of millions of people all over the India.

2. Kandhon Se Milte Hai Kandhe 


The pleasant songs from the film Lakshya reflect the true meaning of unity and fraternity. Whereas the song depicts the life of a soldier on the border and highlights their contribution and patriotism in preserving the country's land from raiders, Lakshya, on the other hand, was an Indian drama film directed by Farhan Akhtar. 

3. Chak De India 


"Chak de India" is another patriotic song that stars Sharukh Khan, widely known as the "King of Acting." The song highlights the passion and dedication of Indian sports players to their country; it is still played on numerous sports programs today and is a favorite of all Indians.

4. Kehte Hain Humko Pyar se 


Kehte Hain Humko Pyar Se, another energetic and sweet song from the film Happy New Year, stars Sharukh Khan and Depika Padukone in the major roles. Both the song and the movie were huge hits, and the tune is still played or listed in many patriotic programs and events around the country. 

5. Jana Gana Mana 

The patriotic song, where the movie honors Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, and displays off his contribution, when he joins the task force to save the people at the Taj Hotel assaulted by a terrorist gang, "Jana Gana Mana," grabs the fifth spot in the list for being the favorite of everybody. 

6. Ae Watan 


You'll be mesmerized by Arijit Singh's hypnotic vocals in Ae Watan, where the song from the movie Raazi staring Alia Bhat was such a smash hit that you can hear it in practically every patriotic event. 

7. Vande Mataram 


Since its release, A R Rahman's triumphant song Vande Mataram, from the album of the same name, has had a profoundly uplifting and unifying effect on the nation's nationalistic and patriotic attitude. It is the famous song that A. R. Rahman has dedicated to India's next generation. 

8. Mere Rang De Basanti Chola  


The next triumphant smash song from the film The Legend of Bhagat Singh is a duet between Sonu Nigam and Manmohan Waris, with the popular and blockbuster song once again directed by A R Rahman. 

9. Desh Rangila 


It is an iconic song that can be heard at almost every patriotic event in the country. It is from the film "Fanaa," starring Kajol and Amir Khan, and the voice behind the melodious song is Mahalaxmi Iyer. This song can also be regraded as the ideal tune for any patriotic celebration. 

10. Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyaara Hai


Last but not least, Hariharan's epic song "Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyaara Hai," where the music was once again given by A R Rahman, will make you fall in love with the music and will demonstrate true patriotism for the love of the homeland.

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