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Gold Cup Parade 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

The Gold Cup Parade is held annually at Charlottetown at Prince Edward Island in Canada on every third Friday of the August month

The Gold Cup Parade falls annually on every third Friday of the August month and this year in 2022 it falls on the 19th of August. It is held at Charlottetown city in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. 

It is also known as the Atlantic Canada's largest annual parade. And it is also the main event during the Old Home Week celebrations of Prince Edward Island. 

This festival has a very rich historical background as well as for Celebrations of it can be traced back to 1888 as that year this two day event was held to recognize the hard work of the Island's agricultural community. 

Event Gold Cup Parade
Date August 19, 2022
Day Friday
Significance One of the major festival of Prince Edward Island
Observed by Canada


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Gold Cup Parade History: 

Gold Cup Parade is now the major attraction of the Old Week Home celebrations in Prince Edward Island. Although the Old Week Home celebrations has been running since 1905, however the first-ever Gold Cup Parade was happened in 1962. 

This event was founded by Bill Hancox and Frank Acorn with an intention to revive the Old Home Week in Charlottetown. As this event was starting to lose it's appeal to the audiences so they created it to boost the racing industry of the Prince Edward Island. 

As earlier too small scale parades used yo happen on this Island however at that time it was done for other reasons like for recognizing the contribution of the Island's agricultural community and these used to happen way back in the late 1800s. 

And after those initial attempts of reviving the local industry, the parade popularity grew over the time. And it started to grow rapidly thus turning out to be a success. Then in 1986 the original groups of business which sponsored the Gold Cup Parade decided to become non-profit and thus they formed a non-profit company called 'Charlottetown Parade Community'. 

Gold Cup Parade Significance: 

Gold Cup Parade also has a public holiday status in Prince Edward Island so on this day schools and businesses remains closed and this is done in order to encourage more and more towards participating and attending the event. 

And today the Gold Cup Parade is so huge that over 60,000 people attends this event every year. And the Gold Cup Parade is also very significant because it is the largest annual event in Atlantic Canada and it is also the largest parade East of Montreal. 

And it also very important for the Island's economy and the local industry as well as because of the races taking place during the Gold Cup Parade and during which it attracts all the jockeys from all over the country and occasionally from the United States too thus generating a huge source of revenue and employment for the local population there. 

Along with its economic profits this day is very important for the representation of the culture and history of the Prince Edward Island and Charlottetown as well. As this has been an ancient tradition for the province as well and also represents the heritage of the province. 


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Gold Cup Parade Celebrations: 

The major races which takes place during the Gold Cup Parade are the Gold Cup race, Saucer race during which large numbers of jockeys participates during this event with their different types of horses and it is observed by thousands of attendees makes it a very special sight to see. 

So attending this parade is a must thing to do at this time to get the best experience of your life regarding the horse racing. At this moment you can also cheer for your favourite racer by sitting among the thousands of spectators and enjoying a delicious meal or drink by watching the race. 

And if you like racing yourself or you does it as an profession then it is the perfect platform for you to show off your skills at this Gold Cup Parade. There are many exciting prizes given on winning too so you definitely won't like to avoid it. But make sure to register it in advance only so that you can get a chance to participate in this race. 

Well if you are unable to attend this event then don't worry you can stream it online also and can watch it at your home in convenience too so don't forget and miss this marvellous event. 

Most Searched FAQs on Gold Cup Parade: 

1. When is Gold Cup Parade takes place? 

Gold Cup Parade takes place annually on every third Friday of August in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. 

2. What time does the Gold Cup Parade starts? 

Gold Cup Parade starts at 10 AM in the morning and ends at noon. 

3. Is Gold Cup Parade is a holiday? 

Yes, Gold Cup Parade is a public holiday in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. 

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