Qixi Festival 2022: Date, History, Significance Celebrations and Facts

The Chinese Valentine's Day is here and yes there is a festival of love in Chinese culture as well so get ready to celebrate it on 4th of August

Qixi festival will fall on 4th of August this year and it is very popular Chinese festival which is observed by most of the Chinese around the world and you can observe it too without being a Chinese as it is a festival of love. 

It is also called as the Chinese Valentine's Day as it is based on an ancient romantic tale between fairy from an heaven and an ox herd. 

Qixi Festival 2022 Date: 

This festival is observed according to the Chinese calendar and that's why it dates varies every year in the Gregorian calendar. 

This year it will be celebrated on 4th of August according to the seventh day of the seventh lunat month of the Chinese calendar. 

Event Qixi Festival
Date August 4, 2022
Day Thursday
Significance A celebration of love, care, and support
Observed by World wide


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Qixi Festival 2022 History: 

The Qixi festival originates during the Han Dynasty period of China in between 202 BC-220 AD. And there is a very popular legend behind the origin of the festival. 

The legend goes like that in very ancient China there was a weaving girl from heaven who descended to earth called Zhinu who fell in love with common man named Niulang. And then they married each other without the knowledge of Zhinu's mother, the Goddess of the heavens. 

Things were going nicely as Zhinu bore Niulang two children and they were living happily as a family until her mother hot to know about it and she went into rahe mode and ordered her troops to retrieve her back to heaven. 

Later on Niulang tried to rescue his wife but the Goddess of Heaven using her hairpin created a massive river between them to seperate them however the power of their was so strong that it moved all of the magpies and then they flew all the way to heaven go form a bridge over the river. 

And then both of the lovers were finally reunited and seeing their love for each other Goddess of Heaven also had to back down and this all happened on the seventh Day of the seventh lunar month of Chinese calendar and that's how Qixi festival came into being.

Qixi Festival 2022 Significance: 

Basically the Qixi Festival is the Chinese Valentine's Day as it is a festival of love and it pays respect to the power of love. And as it is deeply connected with Chinese history and culture so it is a very big festival not only in China but around the whole world where you can see the Chinese people living. 

Earlier this festival was used to much traditional like it was celebrated while doing all the Chinese rituals step by step but now in modern times it is mostly celebrated in the similar way as of the Valentine's Day as people celebrate it by gifting chocolates, flowers, jewelry and many other items to their partners or spouses. 


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That's why it is a kind of festival which is specially popular among the younger generation and you could easily see that this festival is also growing as many non-Chinese people who admires China's rich culture and history has also begun to celebrate it. 

So yeah this festival is also very important part of Chinese culture, legends, etc. In one example we can also see this like in 2018 the Chinese National Space Administration launched a satellite called Queqiao which means Magpie Bridge. And most importantly it is a festival of love it encourages and gives a chance to all the people to enjoy some quality time with their partners on this day and spread the message of love only. 

Qixi Festival 2022 Celebrations: 

Traditionally the Chinese prepares a special fish for this festival called 'qiaogou' it is a kind of fried thin pastries dish. And this is the dish which is created in different shapes and it is a dish which is considered as go to dish for the Qixi Festival. Some also says that joy of the Qixi festival is incomplete without the qiaogou. So don't forget to bring it or cook it for your partner on this day. 

Giving and offering gift to your partners is a major thing of the traditions of this festival so never forget to present a gift to your partner on this day and it can be anything be it chocolates, books, games, etc. According to the taste of your partner. So don't forget to bring a gift to your partner. 

Dedicate this whole day of Qixi festival to your partner only as nowadays couple always complains about lack of time that they get with each other so let's not waste this opportunity and on the occasion of this festival of love called Qixi, let's all of us celebrate nothing but love on this day and make it some of the best memorable moments of our life with our partners on this Qixi festival. 


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Qixi Festival 2022 Facts: 

Let's some interesting facts about the Qixi festival that might get you even more exicted for celebrating this festival: 

  1. On the occassion of Qixi festival often single women pray for a good husband. 
  2. Qixi festival is also very associated with art of handcrafting and weaving. 
  3. Various places across China follows different traditions in celebrating the Qixi festival. 
  4. Qixi festival has inspired many asian festivals of the countries like Chilseok festival in Korea, Tich festival in Vietnam and the Tanabata festival in Japan. 
  5. The Chinese decorates their homes from flowers and Buffalo wards to ward off the evil. 

Most Searched FAQs on Qixi Festival: 

1. When is Qixi Festival celebrated? 

Qixi Festival is celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar. 

2. What does 'Qixi' means in Chinese? 

The word 'Qixi' in literal terms means 'evening of sevens' as it refers to it's date as it is celebrated on the seventh day of decent lunar month according to Chinese calendar. 

3. What people eat on Qixi festival? 

The most popular dish during the Qixi festival is Qiaogou. 

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