National Hot Dog Day 2022: History, Significance, Celebrations and Facts

Hot Dogs! Well this tasty fast food has a day in it's honour as the US celebrates it's National Hot Dog Day annually on every 3rd Wednesday of July

Hot Dogs! This might be first food which comes in our minds when we think of summer and what a moment it is to celebrate a National Hot Dog Day in this summer. 

The United States celebrates it's 'National Hot Dog Day' annually on every third Wednesday of July and this year it will fall on 20th of July. 

Event National Hot Dog Day
Date July 20, 2022
Day Wednesday
Significance acknowledges the significance of the hot dog and respects its flavor
Observed by United States


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Today Hot dog is one of the most popular fast food in the country but how did it all happen let's about some background behind this tasty delicacy! 

The term was first derived in the 19th century when the German immigrants brought their special cuisine to the whole world. It is believed that they brough America's first hot dogs in New York. Origi ally there were referred as dachshund sausages as they resembled dachshund pups. 

Around 1870 German immigrants started to sell hot dogs in the country and slowly slowly it became a popular food item. And today it is one of the most eaten fast food in the country and it is also popular worldwide. 

Infact we also don't know how National Hot Dog Fay was created. But one thing for sure is that the National Hot Dog and Saysage Council of the US decided to celebrate July as the Hot Dog month of the US as it is a time of summer and that's when hot dogs are mostly consumed in the country. 


Today Hot Dog is very popular across the day and that's why this day is celebrated in order to recognize the importance of hot dogs in our life and the impact that this food has created in our lives since it's introduction. Now even for some people it is very hard to imagine a world without hot dogs. 

And as you know that Americans are very food loving people that's why probably it makes much more sense to celebrate more such days which celebrates food items and especially if it is a hot dog then why not, it is probably one of the most deserving fast food to have a day in it's honour. 

Also hot dog is very convenient as it can be enjoyed in any time of the day and ut is also easy to prepare as you can just grill it in the open and can enjoy it with your friends and family and by topping you hot dogs with your favourite condiments. 


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On this National Hot Dog Day, we will highly recommend you to organize a feast of hot dog with your friends and family. Either you can cook it yourself at your home or you can take them for outing to any hot dog restaurant. 

Participating in hot dog eating conyrsts is another way to celebrate this day as they are organized in many places in the country. And many hot dog retailers will also offer you heavy discounts on this day. 

So enjoy your hot dog on this day and also let all your friends and family know about it. And you can do it by uploading videos and photos of you eating hot songs on your social media handle so that they can be aware about it as well. 


Now let's learn some facts and numbers regarding our amazing fast food hot dogs that might increase your curiosity: 

  1. 95% of the homes on the US today consumes hot dogs. 
  2. 20 billion is the number of hot dogs consumed by Americans in a year. 
  3. 150 million is the number of hot dogs consumed by Americans on 4th of July the most number in a single day. 
  4. 70 is the average number of hot dogs that an average American vondimes in a year. 
  5. In 1900, the word 'hot dog' was first appeared in the Oxford Dictionary. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Hot Dog Day: 

1. When is 'National Hot Dog Day' is celebrated? 

'National Hot Dog Day' is celebrated annually on 20th of July in the US. 

2. Where is 'National Hot Dog Day' is celebrated? 

It can be celebrated anywhere all you need is a hot dog and an empty belly. 

3. How many hot dogs are sold annually? 

Over 9 billion hot dogs are sold annually in the US. 

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