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National Book Lovers Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

It is time to leave your phone addiction for a day and to focus on oldskool friends of ours which are called books on this National Book Lovers Day!

When was the last time that you have read a book? Try to think about it and we are not talking about your school or college textbooks here? Well if it was too late or you can't even think about it then do read a book on this National Book Lovers Day! 

The United States celebrates it's National Book Lovers Day annually on 9th August. And it is a treat for all the booklovers in the country and also an inspiration to those who hardly read any books these days. 

Event National Book Lovers Day
Date August 9, 2022
Day Tuesday
Significance The day honors and celebrates readers
Observed by United States


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National Book Lovers Day History: 

I mean we all can agree today that today we are so much fond of cellphones and internet that we can't even imagine our life without them now. Bit mobile phones actually are a very new invention which only started to develop in the later moments of last century only earlier than that there was a friend called books which was the only medium of information which served the humanity for thousands of year. 

Paper for the first time was invented in China in the 1st century AD and earlier than that leaves were used to writing information. However still most of people were illiterate so at this time books were luxury. As the times passed people started to literate and demands for books and writing materials increased. However the real revolution happened after the invention of printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440 which made printing very cheap and thus books became very popular first through Europe then to the world and remained a major medium of information until mobile phones and computers were introduced. 

Well for all the booklovers or so called bookworms out there the era of books have never ended but today most of us hardly read any books mostly we comes across books through our study times only now because of school and college textbooks. 

And it is understandable that why the trend has changed so fastly within the last century as the technology advancements has happened so rapidly within a short time and now everyone forget about the books and are totally focused on smartphones and digital books like audio books which are also becoming too popular today then the paper books. 

National Book Lovers Day Significance: 

The primary motive behind the National Book Lovers Day is to gather all the book lovers together to celebrate the books but also to encourage more and more people towards reading books. We know that today people are so busy with their gadgets and workload that they hardly gets any times to spend on books but atleast manage a day in regards to pay tributes to this very important invention of our human history which paved a way for the modern world that we live in today. 

And you should read books also because they are so interesting and there are many types of books so they are for everyone as they can fit for every taste according to it's readers. Books are printed in mainly two types hardback and paperback and most of the books available today are paperback only. 

In terms of division the books are of mainly two types which are fiction and non-fiction and in that also there are also many genres which are offered like comedy, romance, thriller, horror,action, etc. And once you starts reading books you might feel bolte at the beginning if you don't have habit of reading books but eventually books becomes quite engaging and you would start loving books. 

So this day is celebrated in order to honor and also to preserve the heritage of the books and at the same time promoting it so the good habit of reading books never becomes outdated. 


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National Book Lovers Day Celebrations:

Think when was the last time when you visited library well if you can't remember them why think so much and just go a visit a library now why not. So do try to visit your nearest or the library which you likes the most on this day and also encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

Start a book collection of yourself, well collecting books is certainly a good habit but don't just go and collect after this and instead try to read them as well as books ae always a good source of knowledge in regards to whatever topics you might read it. So see what books gains your interest and try to make your own book collection from now on and then in next National Book Lovers Day you can analyze your book collection as well. 

Try to look out for those friends who are interested in books as well. As it is said that to be good you need to be in the good company as well. So try to hang out with a group which likes reading books as well this you people can share a lot with each other. And then you can also exchange books with them whenever you like as it will be too expensive for you to buy all the books yourself so why don't help each other in reading books. 

Most Searched FAQs on National Book Lovers Day: 

1. When is National Book Lovers Day is celebrated? 

National Book Lovers Day is annually celebrated on 9th August in the US. 

2. Where was paper invented? 

Paper was invented in China. 

3. Who invented printing press? 

Printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440. 

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