International Skinny Dip Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

The International Skinny Dip Day is observed annually on every second Saturday of July and this year it falls on 9th July as a result

On this year's 9th July the world will observe the 'International Skinny Dip Day' as it falls on 2nd Saturday of July annually. 

Yeah you heard it right there is a day called 'International Skinny Dip Day' and exactly it means what it says so you are thinking right so let's know about it. 

Event International Skinny Dip Day
Date July 9, 2022
Day Saturday
Significance Appreciates the unrestricted sensation of swimming without clothing.
Frequency Annual
Observed by World wide


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Well the concept of skin-dipping may sound very bold and you think such thing could have only existed in the modern times but surprisingly the tradition of skin-dipping is way much older than you might think there are various evidences from the past which shows practice of skin-dipping but the most obvious we can see in 1449 when local newspaper in Bath reported that  "people were shamelessly stripping themselves of their swimming garments and revealing themselves to bystanders".                               

 But it took a long term to become a norm in the society. Infact it was only in 1947 when the term "Skinny-dip" was coined in the english language to refer people taking swim in nude. 

The first organization for promotion of skinny-dipping was formed in 1931 when several nudist clubs and societies gathered together in Germany to form the 'International Nudist Organization'. 

However finally in 2018 skinny dipping was declared a special day on calendar. And that time only the American Association for Nude Recreation hosted the first skinny-dipping event in 2018. 


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Well it was not that far ago from today's world when nudity was considered a very serious offence, social taboo even adultery across the world and it is still considered very evil practice across the world outside the western world offcourse. 

So the main motive of this day is to break that thinking and make skin-dipping a norm in the whole world one day. Because skin-dipping is the thing that everyone wants to do but they just won't because of fear of embarrassment.

And hence you should know that it is not forced that you must do skin-dipping in front of the world. In fact most people in the world does the skin-dipping in secluded  places where only your closed ones or alone you can skin-dip in your privacy. 

There are various health benefits too of skin-dipping like it is said that a 15 minute skin-dip where the sun can cover your whole skin so that it can boost your immunity. 


Well after reading all this if you're thinking about doing skin-dipping yourself then there are few points you need to remember first: 

First of all you can't skin-dip anywhere you want and which country you lives also matters a lot if you live in western countries then almost you can go skin-dipping on every beach and if you are living anywhere else then in most developing countries it is entirely prohibited in public but some do allow at some places mostly beaches. 

However you can go skin-dipping in any secluded place in countryside or whatever and it also helps if you don't want to strip in front of strangers and in public, so yeah you could try it alone but take proper information about the place first where you go skin-dipping. 

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