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International Beer Day 2022: History, Significance, Celebrations and Facts

Beer one of the oldest drinks ever known to mankind and also the most popular beverage of all time has a day in it's honour too on this 5th of August

Beer, well if you are an alcohol lover then it will be hardly a chance that you have never tasted the world's most consumed alcoholic beverage known as beer. 

Beer is also one of the oldest drinks to have ever existed and this to celebrates it heritage and importance in our life, the world community observes the International Beer Day annually on every first Friday in the month of August and this year in 2022 it falls on the 5th of August. 

Event International Beer Day
Date August 5, 2022
Day Friday
Significance Celebrates the old and antique drink that everyone enjoys
Observed by United States


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International Beer Day History: 

The International Beer Day is all about celebrating the one of the earliest drinks known to manking which is also is the world's oldest beverage that is beer. Beers have always been fascinated since the first grains were accidentally discovered to have fermented and this it produced a bubbly aromatic product which is the first origins of the beer. 

And since them it is seen that beers were largely consumed by many civilizations of the world. As the oldest evidence that we can find about obsession of beers by the society is of the ancient Babylonia and Mesopotamia. In ancient Egypt there are traces of evidence that showed that people were all over beer during that time also. 

By the middle ages the Christian monks also started brewing beers and brough a revolution into it by brewing it with hops as earlier than that beers were brewed with only local additives like dates and olive oils to add a flavour to it. And this step was so much revolutionary that even today beers continues to be brewed with hops along with herbs or fruits also to add more flavour to it. 

And since then there was no one stopping the beer it grew more and more throughout the times especially in the western world that today it is the world's most consumed alcoholic beverage drink and has remained so from a very long time. 

This all motivated Jesse Avshalomov who back in August 2007 enjoyed some conversations and brews in the beach community of Santa Cruz, California along with his many friends. And it was at this moment when he founded the International Beer Day. 

International Beer Day Significance: 

As said earlier today beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and the primary reason for that is because it is the most preferred drink among the ordinary working men and women around the world. 

Beer has also played a important part throughout world history as well such that when the US enacted the prohibition act thus banning all of the alcoholic consumption in the world we have seen how much chaos it had created and eventually had to remove because of rise in activities of illegal brewing. 

Along with politics beer also has played a key role in developing the bar culture around the world and as recent surveys it is still the most preferred top choice to be offered to anyone at the bar. As it is a great way to socialize by having a glass of beer together. 

Beer is such a easy to pick drink that most people can't deny it when offered and that's why it is the top choice by the people. And why it shouldn't be I mean what drink can give you a better feel of relaxation after a tough day at work than a shot beer, maybe there are some drinks but still nothing could replace beers. Although too much alcohol consumption or even it's general consumption is bad only to your health but you won't mind it if a beer is offered to you still we don't recommend it to drink it excessively. 


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International Beer Day Celebrations: 

Visit your local bar or maybe you know what try out ay different bars and see whose services and beer you likes the most. I mean what can be better than taking a drink yourself of a beer on this International Beer Day. 

Otherwise spend a time at your home only but throw up a party at your home only, invite all of your friends and family and celebrate a close moment while having a cheers of beer with them in this way not only you can celebrate the taste and heritage of the beer but also you would be able to make some everlasting moments with your closed ones that you will never forget. 

If by reading all of this your interest in beer has risen or you were already interested in beer from first only then why don't you go for a trip to your nearest brewery and learn all about the production of beer and their history as well in this way you will gain a valuable practical experience too.

 If you don't like to go out that much then also no problem the research regarding all about the beers is easily available on the internet as well so try to read it all so that you can be aware about beer and also about different types of beer as there are too many so that you can adjust it according to your taste as well and then don't forget to share it with all of your known ones so that all of them can be aware about it. 

International Beer Day Facts: 

Now let's learn about some very interesting facts about our favourite beverage drink called beer: 

  1. About 50 billion gallons of beer is consumed all over the world every year. 
  2. The largest museum dedicated to beer making is located in Altenburg, Germany. 
  3. The most common type of beer in the world is lager. 
  4. The Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world. 
  5. In many parts of the world, McDonald's offers beers to their customers like in South Korea, Germany, Spain and Portugal. 

Most Searched FAQs on International Beer Day: 

1. When is International Beer Day is celebrated? 

International Beer Day is celebrated annually on every first Friday of the August month. 

2. Who founded the International Beer Day? 

The International Beer Day was founded by Jesse Avshalomov in 2007. 

3. Which is the most common type of beer? 

Lager is the most common type of beer today. 

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