World Music Day 2022: Date, History, Significance and Theme

Annually we celebrates the World Music Day also known as "Fete de la Musique" on 21st of June to celebrate music around the world

We celebrates annually the 'World Music Day' or 'International Music Day' officially called as the "Fete da la Musique" as it was originated in France with it's French literal meaning is 'Music Festival'.  

It is no less than a festival for the avid music lovers across the world as it is celebrated to encourage the musicians around the world and also to promote music around the globe among the public. 



As we said earlier that the 'World Music Day' is celebrated annually on 21st of June since it started way back in 1982. 

Event World Music Day
Date June 21, 2022
Day Tuesday
Significance Honor the musicians and singers for the gift of music, which gives life to everything and gives flight to the imagination.
Frequency Annual
Observed by World wide


The first 'World Music Day' was celebrated in 1982 in France. As it was first proposed by the then French Minister of Culture Jack Lang and then it became an internationally recognized event and today various countries across the globe celebrates it. 

Jack Lang understood the need that we need to celebrate a day to mark the importance of music in our lives. So he along with Maurice Fleuret organized the first-ever music festival at Paris at 21st June and since then it is being celebrated as 'World Music Day' annually. 


As you can guess that the 'World Music Day" is celebrated in honour of the musicians as on this day musicians across the world are encouraged to show their talent by using the platform as they are allowed to organize music events even at public places on this day like streets, parks, roads, etc. Thus it helps the art of music to reach everybody  and also helps the artists to move forward with their careers. 

So yeah on this day various music events are held across the world where various artists give their performances to the public and most of the time these are free public concerts.

Along with music events there are also other ways in which you can celebrate 'World Music Day' like by organizing musical competitions, musical quizes or other things which can make this day memorable. 


The theme for this year's 2022 'World Music Day ' is "Music at Intersections". 

The theme encourages the common public regarding the importance of music in our lives and also tries to convince them to listen to more musics and songs especially on this day. And it also suggests the people to attend live concerts and other music events for better experience with the music in life. 

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