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International Olympic Day 2022: Date, History, Significance and Theme

We celebrates the International Olympic Day or World Olympic Day annually on 23rd June

The 'International Olympic Day' or the 'World Olympic Day' is celebrated annually on 23rd June to commemorate the formation of the International Olympic Committee(IOC) on this day. 

The 'International Olympic Day' is a celebration of sports, health and well-being in our lives. As it encourages the people around the world to be more active in participation of sports for maintaining their good health. 



The 'International Olympic Day' is celebrated every year on 23rd June as on this day the International Olympic Committee was formed in 1894 at Sorbonne in Paris when Pierre de Coubertin rallied the revival of the Olympic Games. 

Event International Olympic Day
Date June 23, 2022
Day Thursday
Significance The day commemorates the formation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and promotes sport worldwide.
Frequency Annual
Observed by World wide


Although the International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894 at Sorbonne in Paris but the first 'International Olympic Day' was officially celebrated in 1948 for the first time. 

As on this day in 1948 countries of Portugal, Greece, Austria, Canada, Great Britain, Uruguay, Switzerland, Venezuela and Belgium organized the Olympics Day for the first time. 

And then in the 1978 edition of the Olympics for the first time the International Olympic Committee recommended all the National Olympics Committee's(NOCs) to organize the Olympics Day in their respective countries for promoting the Olympics movement. 


So now you can guess that the 'International Olympic Day' is celebrated in order to promote the sports spirit among the general public. As in today's world it is very necessary to remain healthy and fit for a better life and sports is one of the best ways to achieve that. 

To celebrate this day the NOCs organize various events to attract people towards the sports movement. Like many Olympics Day runs are organized all over the world including the Lausanne where the IOC is based. 

Such types of runs were first organized in 1987 edition and now it is a huge success as it helped in gathering many people around the world towards the Olympics movement. Otherwise you can yourself organize various sports events for encouraging people towards sports. 


The theme for 'International Olympic Day' 2022 is "Together, For a Peaceful World" which is being accompanied by social media hashtags of #MoveForPeace and #OlympicsDay. 

The message behind the theme is simple as it is encouraging the people around the globe to come together regarding their differences as it believes that the sports has power to bring people together in peace through the spirit of sportsmanship. 

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