International Olympic Day 2022: HD Images, Quotes and WhatsApp Status

Learn about the World Olympic Day's significance and find images and quotes to post on social media.

The International Olympic Day is observed every year on June 23 to commemorate the founding of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894. It also serves to promote health and sports participation among the general public. The first World Olympic Day, also known as International Olympic Day, was observed for the first time in 1948. 

Event International Olympic Day
Date June 23, 2022
Day Thursday
Significance Praises the competitive spirit of sports worldwide.
Frequency Annual
Observed by World wide

To spread awareness of the day on social media platforms, we have gathered a large collection of HD Images, Quotes, Greetings messages, and WhatsApp Status.


International Olympic Day 2022 HD Image - Olympic Day 


1. Happy International Olympic Day 2022! Keep in mind that anything is possible for those who believe. 

2. Never give up hope because the biggest factor in success is not winning but participating. 

3. Failure enables you to become resilient enough to overcome obstacles and ultimately molds you into a winner. 

4. Every athlete or participant in the Olympics lives by the motto "Never Quit, Never Give Up." 

World Olympic Day 2022 Images For WhatsApp Status 


5. Follow your objective instead of the number since age is only a number and not something that stands in the way of your success. 

6. The chance to participate in and enjoy the game is my favorite aspect of it. 

7. Happy Olympic Day! Persistence and hard work may turn failure into an exceptional accomplishment, so keep at it to the very end.

8. Avert your biggest adversary from residing between your two ears.

International Olympic Day 2022 - Quotes

9. You should always push yourself to the next levels and never stay at the same level. 

10. Man without creativity lacks the ability to soar high and accomplish their objective. 

11. Just fantasizing about your objective will never make it come true; only perseverance, hard effort, and passion will actually bring your dream to life. Happy Olympic Day, everyone!

12. You should be passionate about your objective while picking it; otherwise, success may take a while to come.

13. You should have been born to win the gold, not to purchase it. 

14. The only way to demonstrate your athletic prowess is to lose, learn from your errors, and win the following game.

15. The more challenging your goal is, the more satisfaction you will experience when you achieve it.
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