Valentine Day Week 2024: Know full schedule, significance and Wishes and Quotes

The week of love is about to start from Monday next week but what's the significance and schedule of it let's know about it in detail here

The week of love is about to start from Monday and people who are in love especially millennials are already very excited about it. But most of the people doesn't really know the significance and proper schedule regarding the valentine week so let's know about it. 

The festival although in some parts around the world especially in non-western world has also raised many controversies. But it is heavily commercialized in the form of media, cinema, etc. and is getting more and more popular around the world especially among the youths. 

The valentine week starts at February 7th and runs till the valentines day on 14th February. So there are totally 8 days which are celebrated in the valentine week with each days having it's own significant event that the people in love can follow to achieve the best valentine experience. 

7th February- Rose Day 

The valentine week starts with a rose day. It is not unusual as we already know that giving flowers especially rose is considered as an expression of love and affection. And it is generally the first step in building a relationship between the couples. Generally men offers roses for it's partners but that doesn't mean that women can't offer so ladies you better ready up. 

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Rose Day 2024 Quotes and Wishes

1. The rose is not a flower; it has always been a true symbol of love, which I feel for you. 

2. Let us start this magnificent journey of love with the aroma of roses. 

3. The rose is more than just a symbol of love; it represents eternal promise. 

4. Roses come in a variety of colours, but each shade represents my sincere love for you.

8th February- Propose Day 

The next day is about proposal. It is the day when partners express their feelings to each other. This day is also important as couple clears that which type of relationship they want or how much serious they are regarding their relationship. 

Propose Day 2024 Quotes and Wishes

1. You deserve everything the world has to give. If I can't locate that world for you, I will give you mine. 

2. Relationships begin with a promise of forever. A pledge to always start together, no matter how wonderful or bad the circumstance is, and to constantly support each other throughout their lives. 

3. I want you to grow old alongside me! The greatest is yet to come, from the moment you say yes.

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9th February- Chocolate Day

The next day on line up is chocolate day. Soon after proposal and negotiating their relationship terms, couple complement each other by gifting chocolates to each other on this day. It is kind of expressing gratitude to your partners for being together with each other. 

Chocolate Day 2024 Quotes and Wishes

1. The road of love will be filled with sweetness and sorrow; let us start with the sweetness of chocolate. 

2. Let us begin our relationship with the sweetness of love. 

3. A healthy relationship is like a bar of chocolate: delicious, crunchy, and occasionally bitter.

10th February- Teddy Day 

It is kind of similar to the previous day. Some people even consider it to be unnecessary day. As the name suggests the couple gifts teddy bear on this day. As a cute teddy bear can bring happiness and joy to your partners even in unpleasant situations and it can remind your partner about you so it is good form of expressing love. 

Teddy Day 2024 Quotes and Wishes

1. A gorgeous cuddly bear for my lovely cuddly lover. 

2. The best thing about love is that the price of the present is irrelevant, but the effort is. 

3. Teddy's warm hug will always remind you of my presence around you - happy Teddy Day!

11th February- Promise Day

The next day is promise day. On this day couple makes some promises to each other regarding their relationship or other things that they would like to see their partners change for the better relationship. It is all about promises but I personally will advise that don't make impossible promises, only promise that you can fulfill. 

Promise Day 2024 Quotes and Wishes

1. I promise to be with you forever, no matter how many ups and downs life brings. 

2. From the day we met until the day we die, I promise to make every second of your life happy. 

3. How easy it is to make a promise and how tough it is to follow through.

12th February- Hug Day 

Then we have a hug day. Some people argue that what is the significance of this that how a hug can help anyone. But sometimes more than words or any other action a simple hug can give a extreme relief to a person and especially if it is your partner. As we see in human nature that whenever if we meet some friends after a long time people expresses their affection to them by first hugging them. So yeah a simple hug can do a lot. 

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Hug Day 2024 Quotes and Wishes

1. Let us start this magnificent voyage of love with a warm and loving hug. 

2. No matter how severe the situation becomes, I will always be there for you, protecting you with my warm hug. 

3. I promise to protect you from all of life's challenges with my loving arms. 

13th February- Kiss Day 

If it is your first valentine then this is probably the day that you are most excited. And there is no shame in that as first kiss is always special for anyone. Well I think there is no need to explain it much further as name suggests this is the day which is one day before valentine day when partners express their love to each other by sweet kiss. And kind of considered as an ultimatum that the couple is ready for their valentine day. 

Kiss Day 2024 Quotes and Wishes

1. Kissing is not an act of lust, but rather a means of joining two disparate spirits to overcome any obstacle. 

2. Let us start this voyage of thousands of promises, faith, and loyalty with a lovely kiss. 

3. The longer the kiss lasts, the stronger our bond is.

14th February- Valentine Day 

And finally the valentine day. Well this is the day when you do everything you go on dates together, dine together, etc. to spend time with your partner. It is a enjoyment day when you enjoy the moments with your partner that you will never forget. And that's all about valentine day which kind of grants you an official relationship status with your partner. 

Valentine Day 2024 Quotes and Wishes

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1. Love is eternal, non-materialistic, and pure, and this is the love I feel for you. 

2. Love is the most wonderful and pure sensation in the world. 

3. You are my heartbeat and lifeline; when you became mine, my misery converted to gladness. Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine Week 2024 Schedule: Dates and Days

Date Day
February 7, 2024 Rose Day
February 8, 2024 Propose Day
February 9, 2024 Chocolate Day
February 10, 2024 Teddy Day
February 11, 2024 Promise Day
February 12, 2024 Hug Day
February 13, 2024 Kiss Day
February 14, 2024 Valentine Day

So here is the end of our valentine week's schedule and significance regarding each days. 

Well like everything people's opinions are different regarding the valentine week or day too, as some people take it very seriously while others argue that why their should be a need to tell specific days that what a couple should do otherwise conservative peoples finds it offensive, etc. 

Though one thing is sure that during valentine week people who are engaged in business regarding gifts, chocolates, etc. get a huge shot up in their sales. Well what is your thoughts regarding valentine do share it in comments. 

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