Happy Valentine's Day 2022: Wishes, Images, Quotes and Messages for Loved Ones

Here to make your day remarkable we have listed number of Wishes, Quotes, Images and message which can be used to greet your loved ones.

The wait for the love day of the year has been over, since we are celebrating Valentine's Day on 14th February this year. Valentine's day is an international love day occurred annually to describe the importance of love and kindness in life and relationship. It is the day when you can feel the presence of love everywhere. This day is also considered a symbol of love. On this day, couples or partners promise, bless each other, celebrate and exchange gifts to strengthen their relationship.

Here, to make your day special, we have listed many wishes, quotes, pictures and messages to greet your lover, wife, husband or girlfriend.  

Valentine's Day 2022: Images and Quotes 

The importance of love and kindness can only be felt when you commit to it.

The world has changed a lot, but the constant is love, love is uninterrupted and eternal.

You can't judge love by race, caste or ethnicity, the love is the true feeling between two hearts.

Fighting, arguing, supporting, and caring are examples of healthy relationships.


Material things can only buy temporary love, but support, care, and respect will give you lasting love.

Love cannot be described by wishes, quotes or cute images, but only caring and respect.


Valentine's Day 2022: Wishes for Loved Ones 

  1. You are the heartbeat of mine, you are the lifeline of mine, when you became mine, my sadness turned into happiness.
  2. It's not fair to celebrate a day for love, but to celebrate love forever is a relationship.
  3. You are caring as mother, protective as a father and the greatest blessing of God - Happy valentine's day. 
  4. If you ask me what is the saddest thing in my life, it is life without you. 
  5. I'm not good at creating wishes but I am good at relationships - wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! 
  6. You are my final destination of life. 
  7. If you like anyone with abundance, no one can stop you from getting them.

Valentine's Day 2022: Wishes for Girlfriend

  1. You are my need, my desire for you is infinite, you will be my Juliet, and I will be your Romeo.
  2. Every great love story doesn't end well but shows the intensity of love, which is immortal. 
  3. I am classic you are pop, our roads may be parallel, but the north-south parallel connection is the most attractive.
  4. Girls are not like boys, and boys are not like girls, but the combination of the two is the perfect joy.
  5. Love cannot be described in words, it is just a feeling.
  6. Everyone has a dream girl in their life, and mine is you.
  7. When I followed my heart, it took me to you - Happy Valentine's Day! 


Valentine's Day 2022: Wishes For Wife 

  1. I want to thank God for creating you for me because I am fascinated by your love.
  2. You are my Srivalli and I am your Pushpa Raj, wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. 
  3. I will always be there standing behind you in the time of grief.
  4. You are the brightness star who shines every night, just feel the warmness of love on the bright day of Valentine's. 
  5. The yearning for you is unthinkable, the bond between us is unbreakable, the love for you is forever. 
  6. Money can't buy happiness, but it's important for a stable relationship.
  7. You don't fall in love you rise in love - Happy Valentine's Day! 

Valentine's Day 2022: Wishes and Quotes in Hindi  

You are the reason I smile, you are the one I want to grow old with - Happy Valentine's Day!

You are the heartbeat of my heart - Happy Valentine's Day!

You are the brightest moon of the shining nights - Happy Valentine's Day

Happy valentine's Day to the cutest person of my life.


Most Searched FAQ On Valentine's Day

1. Which day of the year is considered the Love Day?

Saint Valentine's Day is a symbol of love and considered as Love day of year.

2. What should I gift on Valentine's Day? 

A promise for Love, care and truthiness is the best gift for Valentine's Day. 

3. When do we commemorate Valentine's Day? 

This is an international event held on February 14th every year. 
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