UAE-based Niner Pharmaceuticals plans manufacturing in India

UAE-based Niner Pharmaceuticals led by Indian-origin business Mr. Balaji plans manufacturing facilities in India

Niner Pharmaceuticals LLC is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dubai and led by Indian-origin businessman Mr. Balaji.

And now the Niner Pharmaceuticals is planning to establish it's manufacturing facilities in India which will be certified by USFDA, EU and UK MHRA. Thus it will benefit the company in gaining better feasibility to market it's product across the EU region.

Niner Pharmaceuticals LLC is one of leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical formulations in Powder Injection, Liquid Injection, Tablet, Bolus, Oral Liquid, Oral Powder, Aerosol external preparation and ointments. 

The Chairman and Founder of the company Mr. Balaji says that his goal is to make Niner Pharmaceuticals LLC as one of the top leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and for that Indian market will be crucial. 

He also said that they are currently negotiating to fund mid and small scale pharmaceutical companies of India, intermediaries manufacturing companies and API plants to optimize their production capacity and provide them business to export their products. 

So it is just an announcement for now as it is still not decided with which Indian company they will partner and where they will start their production in India.

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